Connection of Netatmo Doorbell

Hi, I have installed homey version 5.0.0-rc.63 but can’t add my netatmo doorbell to homey. Am I missing something here? It is my only netatmo device, so I can’t go via “maintenance”.
Thanks for any help

Which Netatmo App version do you use?
The doorbell ist only supported by the app version v5.1.0 (Experimentell).

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Oh god, please no.
Sorry, not version 5.1, thanks so much. Sorry again. Thought I had updated it already.

I am looking for a doorbell, and I am interested in de Netatmo (Slimme Video Deurbel | Netatmo).

Is this doorbell working with Homey? So I can make my lamp goes on/off when the door rings?

PS: I read online different reactions if this is working yes/no.

It is working with Homey - you can detect if someone press the button and picture when someone press the button and based on those flows you can even turn the lamp/light etc.
Some other events are available however they were not implement - and not sure they will ever be.

We have the netatmo and it works great with blinking lights. took some time, but at some point the flow started working. So now we have via philips hue all lights blinking for about 10 secs, when someone rings the bell. The music part with sonos doesn’t work, but besides that, lights work fine.

I have a Netatmo video doorbell and a Netatmo Smart outdoor camera. They are working fine with the Netatmo Security app on Android. But I want to use my Homey to answer the person operating the doorbell and eventually unlock the door to let him in. For that I believe Homey wold be fine. The Security app cannot do that.

I added the device and logged into my account and enabled it. But I cannot get the video from the doorcam. It says “There are no controllers in this device” - roughly translated.

I watched the Youtube video showing how to add this devic. I believe I did the same steps. What could be wrong?

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This functionality is currently broken for about 1,5 month…Athom is aware of it, Homey is saying, API for Doorbell isn’t available as of now (yet - status for last 1 year).

Is it possible to get the netatmo doorbell to homey? It doesn’t find my doorbell when I try it from netatmo app. I have netatmo weather station and netatmo precense but the doorbell will not appear no new units?

Figured out! Had to erease the app and log on again…

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Hi there,

does the photo or video transmission work now?

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately it doesn’t - Athom says that functionality is broken and they don’t know how to fix it.
I’m using it however with Face++ integration and this works.
When I ask support why, they told me to contact Face++ developer to find out - at this moment I gave up :wink:

OK, thanks for the info, I’ll keep looking for a different doorbell/camera then

The functionalities that is missing in my opinion are:

  1. Ability to get a snapshot in the “and” + “that”
  2. Stream to Chromecast etc.
  3. If, Motion detection
  4. Deactivate ringing (sleeping kids)

Netatmo , if you are reading this.

Snapshot is generated ONLY when doorbell ring + there is also some issue currently with Image TAG. Athom developer is checking that but no ETA.

it’s not even in the Netatmo API ;-( it’s unfortunately not security camera.

It’s not in the API, maybe suggest it on Netatmo forum ?

You can today stream picture, stream isn’t supported and explanation from Netatmo is not clear for me … Netatmo Connect | Security API Documentation - search for NDB

It’s Athom and nope, they are not reading it either . :wink: