Netatmo smart video doorbell

Will the upcoming Netatmo smart doorbell be integrated in the Netatmo app?

Netatmo doorbel available since yesterday:

Any develops going on to incorporate the doorbell also in the netatmo app for homey integration?

when you press the call button, it fails to activate flow

The app is experimental. At the moment it is still a poor integration. Also the video URL is not working. We have to wait for a new release from Athom.

Netatmo app v5.1.0 is installed on Homey V5. But don’t get the doorbell connected. What am I missing? I go to devices, add device, choose Doorbell → spinning wheel → half a second a message “follow instructions” → half a second a message “login with account” → half a second a message “select the device you want to add” ->, half a second a message “no new devices were found” and the option to close the windows. Can anyone show me the procedure to add this device.

I had the same issue.
To solve the problem I went to an other device of Netatmo (Outdoor module) and go to the settings.
There is the option to Repair.
After accepting the connection of Homey and Netatmo, you can add the doorbell.

Hi Nick, indeed this is the solution. Thanks :face_with_monocle:

Hoi Nick,

Ik heb hetzelfde probleem als Xander. Ik probeer jou oplossing te volgen. Maar ik heb geen ander apparaat van Netatmo. Heb jij nog een idee?


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