Netatmo Innensirene & Netatmo Window/Door Sensor

Hallo, hat jemand da ein workaround wie man die in Homey einbinden kann? Scheint ja auch bei HA nicht so ganz einfach zu sein.

Vielen Dank…und guten Rutsch!

Vermutlich hast du da keine Chance, solange die beiden Geräte nicht in der App aufgenommen wurden.

Ja, hab die schon angeschrieben von Athom. Die müssen mal Gas geben…

Undertaker, es ist wie es ist…hier mal der lustige Schriftverkehr mit Athom auf meine Anfrage ob Sie weiter Geräte von Netatmo einbinden wollen. Ich würde es Realitätsverweigerung nennen.
Antwort Athom:

Dennis (Athom)

Jan 2, 2023, 11:59 GMT+1
Hi Till,

Thank you for reaching out to our support and for letting me know you prefer European compagnies to Chinese manufacturers.

I have added your suggestion to add support for Netatmo Door Sensors and Indoor Siren our internal list for device requests. I can’t give you any guarantees on if and when your suggested device will be implemented and supported, but please know it has been noted and will be discussed.

We mainly focus on the development of Homey itself and although we have originally created the Homey app for this brand, we only have limited resources to add new devices. Having the original brand involved in the creation and maintenance of the supporting app will always be preferable and quicker with regard to adding new devices. Perhaps you can help us by reaching out to this brand to let them know that an integration to Homey is highly sought after by their clients.

Meine Antwort an Athom:


Jan 4, 2023, 19:13 GMT+1

Hello Dennis

Thanks for the answer. I understand that you see yourself as hardware
developers. But it is the same problem with the hen and the egg. Without
apps your hardware is worth nothing.

I studied economics and are not in software developing or similar. Just
a user. You must understand that all companys want people use their own
Microcosmos so that you are forced to buy their products so that they
integrate with their products. They are really not interested that you
buy one product from Netatmo eg and than integrate with another product
from Fibaro. This is where comes athom. You make them talk to each other
and rather user friendly. That is why it is a perfect product.

From my point of view you should be the ones who also add apps and
bring them up to date for the owners of a homey. Just lay back and say
the community will do it makes it easier for you and maybe also a bit
cheaper concerning manpower. I understand it. But if I was Netatmo and I
would ask them to create an app for Homey?? Why should they do it. It is
not in their interest as they won´t sell more of less because of this.

As there was the discussion about paying the developers. Why not charge
for example EURO 5 per app for a lifetime. I didn´t calculate it through
so…but if you sold over 100.000 homey it is not a bad side business.
And I am pretty sure people are willing to pay this. Even if you have 20
apps running it is only EURO 100,-- for a lifetime. You didn´t hesitate
to do this with the advanced flows only to say in the new homey it is
freely integrated. You just launched advanced flow like I guess three
month before announcing the new homey and nobody complained that they
paid the EURO 25.

Just to make it clear again…if everybody pays EURO 5,–for a flow and
has only 5 flows running it is EURO 500.000,-- guess that pays a
software engineer for at least 4 years… if people have 4 apps running
it is already 2 million…well I have about 10 flows running Makes 5
million… easy made money from my point of view.’

Ich weiss, daß nicht jeder hier damit einverstanden ist Geld für Apps zu zahlen. Und ich liebe Homey. Aber wenn ich mir HA angucke (man kann jetzt sogar den Reolink NVR einbinden!!) dann ist das echt ein gefährliches Geschäftsmodell. Sollte HA beschliessen das erstellen von flows zu vereinfachen ist man mit einem quasi auf Europa beschränkten Geschäftsmodell schnell am limit. Athom verdient ja nur Geld wenn Sie ein Gerät verkaufen. Ist mir ehrlich gesagt ein Rätsel.