MyHome (legrand/Bticino) and Homey


I have in my house several modules MyHome from Legrand to command my ligths and shutters through buttons.
I don’t have gateway installed. I’m thinking to install a F454 from Legrand but then I don’t know how to link my différents modules with Homey ?

Thanks in avance for you help

Best to take a look at homeys app store if you brand/ device has a app for it, otherwise it probbely wont work

You can ofcourse make a request for it then

Thanks for the reply.
after check, for the moment it doesn’t work. perhaps a future development.

How do we know if this has been requested yet? I can’t anything any request link on the app store…

The requests that made to Athom you cant see. But i think it doesnt matter only for the reasson, the more request of one item, the more they realise that its a big thing that the communty wants so.

And how to make a request you can find on the welcome post here on the forum

or you use this direct link

good morning I would like to know if you are working on the integration of the living now connected system by netatmo di bticino / legrand, or if you are planning to support it.
thank you!

Who are you asking this?

You can directly link Netatmo to Homey with the Netatmo app.
There was already a topic about legrand / bticino so merging this.
Pls use the device request form mentioned in the welkom post to ask Athom

Yes, Legrand and Bticino is quite popular in Italy and surrounding areas (countries) including cruise vessels (built in this region). Unfortunately its not so frequent in Netherlands area so I do not think integration will be anytime soon. To be honest usually homes built around Btcinio are fully based on the same ecosystem so most of the homes will simply stick to the same.

Hi, did you find a way to make it work my home module from bticino on Homey?

do you have any suggestions?