How to integrate Legrand Netatmo Remote Switch?

Hi, I’m New here, so feel free to indicate if this has already been answered.
My project is to use Netatmo Legrand wireless switches within Homey.
Protocol used by Legrand/Netatmo is Zigbee. So I managed to add one switch with the Homey app. But it returns an Unknown device which does not see to work. " Device does not support on/off".
The app YCH Control was really helpfull to add Legrand Netatmo devices to Homey. But unfortunately, the Remote Switches are not listed.
Any Help piece of advice would be very much appreciated.


You’ll have to ask the developer for adding support for it to the app.
The dev is Athom.
Support info is to be found at the bottom of the app page:

Thanks. I sent a message to the développer. I hope he is still supporting the app.