[APP][Pro] Bticino/Legrand/Netatmo - Home control, based on Netatmo Cloud API

Hi all,

I have seen some requests for creating an app which supports Bticino/Legrand devices through Netatmo Connect (e.g.: [Requests] Homey Pro Community App Requests - #863 by Gabriele_Martini)
If someone is still interested in this app, i will be happy to try and implement it.
Keep in mind that due to the fact i do not own such devices, i will need someone to allow me access to his devices in order to implement the app. I will obviously not change any of the devices state without explicit permission.

If someone is still interested in this app and is willing to give me access to his devices, I can work on implementing this app.

@Gabriele_Martini @Hamzeh_Sharawi


@Steven_Bareman FYI based on Netatmo vs Eufy doorbell please help - #10 by Steven_Bareman

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:, i Will help where i can with your app Development. Send me a dm pleasse when you are ready :wink:

Thanks, @Sharkys
@Steven_Bareman - I sent you a PM with instructions.

If there is anyone else interested in this app, please contact me. As many testers and devices I will have available, the app will be more complete at the end.


Hi. I have lights wired and wireless button (single, double, scenario button, energy meter, rolling button, smarther (thermostat), outlet (inside wall). I really want a developer to make this application. I can help the developer too.

@Guray_Kircuvaloglu - I sent you a PM.

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I have a Bticino Classe 100 X16E doorbell which is connected to internet (and app on my phone). Would love to be able to integrate it in Homey.
But not sure if that will work through Netatmo Connect though…

I am also not sure it will work through Netatmo Connect,
You can try connecting it to Netatmo Connect. If you succeed, let me know and I will try to add it to the app.

I got in touch with Legrand/Bticino.
They told me there is a new version of the Classe 100 X16E that connects to the Home + Security app (instead of Door Entry app for older versions). Older units might become compatible too, but that is not for certain.

If I have a Classe 100 unit that connects to Home + Security, do you think you might get it to work with Homey?
I got a bit confused by the terminology: Home Connect, Home + Security, etc…

Perhaps this might be of help: (?)

On https://dev.netatmo.com/apidocumentation/security#homesdata I do not see Classe-100X, but it might be that they did not update their documentation yet.
If you can connect your device to Netatmo-Connect, it probably means I can support it in my app.
In this case, in order for me to add it to my app, you will need to provide me with your credentials to Netatmo-Connect.

I still have an older version of the Classe 100, so I can not provide you with credentials yet.
The one I have still connects to the Bticino Door Entry app. Thinking of getting the new Classe 100X, the one in the link I shared in my post above.

You wrote:

But the linked new version connects to an (Android/iOS) app, called “Home + Security”, as shown above. So not “Home Connect”.

That’s where I get confused…?

Home + Security is also OK, I can access all of them from my under-development Homey app.
If you would like me to try and include this device in my app, you can share your home with me from the Home + Security app.
You will need my email for that: carmeli128@gmail.com.
Please notice that once you do it, I will be able to access your home devices - so if you are not feeling comfortable with this, I can perfectly understand.
I can commit that I will not change any settings of any of your devices without coordinating with you first.


Many thanks for your offer, @Gal_Carmeli.
Will let you know as soon as I got mine up-and-running in Home + Security!

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Can you add them to your home, and share your home with me? (carmeli128@gmail.com).
Alternatively, you can add an additional user to your home and send me the credentials (privately) , this will work to.

@Gal_Carmeli Have added you as a user to my home. You should have received an invitation mail.
Feel free to mail or contact me by PM here in the Community.
Hope you can make it work. Thanks in advance for the effort!

@Henk_Renting - I am sorry but it seems that Netatmo are still not supporting your device properly, and are not exposing it to their Netatmo Cloud API.
I can see your home (“Thuis”), I can see the rooms within that home (“Gang” and “Overig”), but unfortunately, both rooms are empty from devices.
As I mentioned earlier, I also can not see that device on Netatmo documentation, so it seems that they still are not supporting this device on their cloud API.
If it’s a new device, they will probably ad support to it later on, but for now - I can not integrate it into Homey.
You might want to consult Netatmo technical support with a question.
Sorry I could not help more…

No problem, many thanks for at least trying.
Is there a way for me to check (once in a while) if anything has changed and the device is supported by the API?

@Henk_Renting - Yes, Easily.
You can go to netatmo.com, login with your credentials, and see if you can see you device on the dashboard.
If it’s there, I can support it.

I will ask Netatmo/Legrand/Bticino and check that page once in a while.

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Hi GAl_Carmeli,
Thank you for your help here.
I will be pleased to help. I have :

  • 1 Gateway
  • 6 Smart Switch