[APP][Pro] Bticino/Legrand/Netatmo - Home control, based on Netatmo Cloud API

How can I help you?

Thank you very much!

I am at the testing phases if the first version, which include:

  • Smart Valve
  • Netatmo Thermostat
  • Netatmo Doorbell

Once testing is done, I will release to all.

I have a few other devices shared with me which are next in line.

If you are OK with this, please share your home with me so I will see your devices and be able to integrate them into my app.
My email for sharing is: carmeli128@gmail.com.
I promise not to change (e.g turn off/on) your device without coordinating with you first.

Thanks again!

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Hi Gal_Carmeli,

I just shared with you my home.

So I wait for your sollicitation.

Thanks by advance


Thank you, Mohamed.
I got your invitation and approved it.
Once I will get to implementing those devices, I will contact you.

Hi Mohamed,

I finally started working on your devices (sorry it took me so long – I was occupied with other issues).

From what I see on your device list, I see the following 34 smart-switch devices:

  1. Multiprise Box TV et Console
  2. Televiseur Salon
  3. Refrigerateur Cuisine
  4. Box Domotique Homey Pro 2023
  5. Aspirateurs
  6. Four Microonde
  7. Four
  8. Prise basse Cuisine
  9. Lave Vaisselle
  10. Plan de travail coin 1
  11. Table Bar 4
  12. Table bar 2
  13. Plan de Travail Coin 4
  14. Plan de travail coin 2
  15. Table Bar 1
  16. Plan de Travail Coin 3
  17. Table Bar 3
  18. Hotte
  19. Prise derriere table
  20. Prise coin Buffet
  21. Prise derrière canapé 3
  22. rise derrière canapé 2
  23. Prise Chargeur derrière Canapé 1
  24. Coté de la porte
  25. Coin lecture angle droite
  26. Multimédia 1
  27. Coin lecture bors verrière entrée
  28. Coin lecture angle gauche
  29. Mirroir douche
  30. Multimédia 2
  31. Top toilette silver connect
  32. Prise meuble
  33. Prise Baie Vitrée
  34. Prise Evier

Is this correct? I am asking since you specified previously that you have only 6 smart switches, so I want to make sure I am not missing anything….

Also, I can see a different kind of device which I am not sure about:

  • Commande Départ Arrivée Sans Fil

Can you please tell me which device is it exactly? Is it also a smart-switch?

I will soon have a test-version to share with you so you can see how it works and provide me with feedback.



Hello Gal_Carmeli,
Sorry for the delay of response, I didn’t have a look to this forum oftenly lastly but I’ll check it more from now.

You’re right, I have installed all this switches since my first message

This is what is called : Commande de départ Arrivée sans fil :

Thank you, Mohamed – I will try to support to this module as well.

Thank you in advance,
I’m very excited to see my devices controlled by homey…
Tell me if you need anything.

@Gal_Carmeli seeing your app is live, fantastic !

Q : I wonder if Doorbell would be working better (mostly Doorbell has rang) then oficiall app, where we got all problems but … already running 60 apps on my Homey :laughing: Would it be possible to add also some other devices, like Netatmo Welcome (with door/windows sensors) and weather sensors (station, indoor station, anemometer and rain sensor) ?

@Sharkys - I will be delighted to add support for these modules as well.
Since I do not own them, I will ask you to share your device with me (email: carmeli128@gmail.com) so I can see them in my Netatmo-home.
As for timelines - I implemented 3 additional devices which are now under testing, once I finish with those, I can move on the the “Welcome” and the “Weather sensor”. I assume it will take about a week.

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Hi Gal ! So far I can say that Netatmo doorbell works perfectly, just maybe the image quality is not the same as with the official app, but at least seems to be working much reliably (not sure it can be set / changed?).

Happy to share my sensors, first weather, later just ping me for Welcome (because it’s being actively used :wink:

update weather sensors shared (ignore pls. the 1st)
update2 Hm, seems Doorbell has 2 min. delay after pressed button - I will send diag, maybe it’s problem of my setup

That is strange, in my situation the delay (it is a API and Cloud solution) is only 5 a 10 seconds max

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Thanks, please send me logs and I will check the doorbell issue.
As for sharing the device, from some reason, I approved the message sent but I can not see it properly.
I expected to have a new home in my accout, with the device present in one of those rooms. This is not what i see…
Is the weather device works differently? Its not a device in one of your home’s rooms?

I did already - with Sharkys as name in the details

Hm, I see I added you as station guest - sent another one as Home user, please check

Perfect, I got it now.
I will check the logs you sent.

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I can not see you logs. Are you sure you sent it?

Yes :wink: But tried that again however I’m not sure if logs will be still there - 87e916e1-904b-4459-b571-17b4df87ffe3
If not, I will test again tomorrow during day.

Got it now, i will check. Thanks!

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