Need Legrand Netatmo app

Hello, can we hope that the homey team is working on an official pluggin for Legrand Netatmo equipment? there was indeed a community application (YCH Control) but which seems to have stopped and no longer works for me.
I think legrand products should be spread around the world?
I pre-ordered the new Homey Pro and I would be very sorry to cancel this order if I can’t find a solution…
Anyone have an alternative?

What do you need outside of the Netatmo App for Homey | Homey?
That is already supported also on Homey Pro 2023.

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Don’t you mix YCH Control - YCH Control Appli pour Homey | Homey / [APP] YCH Control - #37 by Dijker with Netatmo ?

You can try to contact the dev and other app users here:

The netatmo application does not control Legrand products (switches, dimmers, power outlets, etc.). These are different products, Legrand has collaborated with Netatmo to develop its products. Should Athom developers integrate Legrand products into their Netatmo application ?

YCH app has not been updated for over a year and no longer works for several users. The developer no longer responds to the forum unfortunately.

Test version is actually 1 year old - YCH Control | Homey - anyway if developer do not respond, the right way is to discuss it in the app thread - [APP] YCH Control.
Also you can try to open issue on Issues · NayvenFR/YCH-Control · GitHub and/or contact developer by sending an e-mail.

Im also waiting for a true legrand app. Meanwhile A workaround that at least gave me partial access to my legrand system within homey was to link legrand to Alexa (legrand skill) and then import the light-switches into homey through the alexa-App. For lights/switches this worked, but Still missing shutters and Temperature control though.

Did you try the Bticino/Legrand/Netatmo apps?