Netatmo connect api 2022

Hello dear Homeys,
I am using the Legrand Home + control that has an api cloud that has been migrated to the new netatmo connect api :

This one allows me to import all my legrand/bticino devices into google home app for example.
But i would like to have these devices into Homey !

Any idea if there exist an app for that ?
THANK YOU ! :innocent:

nb : donc talk to me about YCH app i tried it many times and it s not working anymore :confused:


Thanks but already tried. This does not work for lights and roller shutters…

Best advice imho is to ask NetAtmo to create support for Homey.

Do you have an example how to make that request. I don’t get it to work. I am trying to retrieve the data from my rain gauge.

The app works,oke, but very limited data.

A workaround that at least gave me 50% access to my legrand system within homey was to link legrand to Alexa (legrand skill) and then import the light-switches into homey through the alexa-App. Still missing shutters and Temperature control though.

No news about the home+control integration in Homey ? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Athom is not going to do this (are now a developer of the Netatmo app). So depends on whether there is a volunteer developer who wants to create this app!

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Maybe better ask NetAtmo to create support…

Netatmo’s response is that they make an API and extensive documentation available and do not want to own third-party platforms themselves…

but if enough consumers keep asking both Athom and NetAtmo to create the integration.
Who knows…

A volunteer could but how good will it be and how long will it be supported.

On the other hand, Vote here: Homey Pro Community App Requests - #732 by Guray_Kircuvaloglu
and maybe get more sponsors for the Community App


Believe me, I asked both sides several times! But the more people tried this, hopefully this will have results :crossed_fingers:t2:

Maybe a nice new project for @LRvdLinden :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think he make a new app a day in recent weeks :muscle:t2: (great stuff to make Homey :+1:t2:)

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We can vote just with a like ?
I can donate momey for a developper too, around 30$. I think if all interested people can make a little donation for a dev it could be attractive :wink:

I am also open to making a donation. Furthermore, you can contact Athom and Netatmo with your request.

Voiting with i like is possible, But is not clearly visible in general, but there is not a better solution in my opinion.

Good luck!

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