Video doorbell that works with Google and Homey


Since Google and Homey are not working together anymore, Im looking for a video doorbel which is working for Google Home as for Homey.
So that i can control it with my voice on my Google hub, but also can integrate it in my Homey flows.

Is their such Video doorbell what works with both systems?

Thank you

Netatmo is working on both systems, only the microfoon on the nest display do not comunicate to the doorbell. Only visual and audio is working at the moment (update needed at Google frond ent)

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What do you mean?

  • I control my Homey via voice on my nest hub. the devices in the nest hub are synced with Homey
  • I get to see the camera when a certain trigger is received on Homey by casting the camera feed to the nest hub (e.g. when doorbell is pressed, or voice command is given). Not that it’s reliable, but mostly it works.

Hi Roger,

did you synced all the devices? my philips hue lights are synced, but not my aqura sensors for example.
which camera do you use?

I synched all the devices. Google does not support every device type that Homey does.
I use the Netatmo Outdoor camera.