Video Doorbell work with homey and google home

Any recommendations?
Something like this

I agrea with Roy. How will you pair this with Homey. Nest works seamlessly with homey, google home and google home hub. Ring is cheaper and as far as I know there api is more open.

im not sure i understand…

i know nest dollbell is work with gh and homey but he is very expensive…
i am serching for somting that cost less…

i searched in homey app store but i dident find any supurted doorbell that works with gh, or am i missing somthing?

10x for the fast replay

I agrea Nest is far to expensive. In my case the WAF was the buy reason. When the doorbell rings, google announces who is standing st the door and the hub automatically streams luve video.

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Doorbird is by far the most expensive and works only as open API toward gateway integrations like homey or synology or … Currently no support for Google Home. Actually only doorbird can be fully integrated in homey with images, triggered, history, screenshots etc.

Now if nest is expensive to you then forget native all in once device and possibly buy two devices. Homey supported doorbell and GH and Homey supported camera. Then when someone rings you can trigger a flow to show front camera. Simple “Hey Google show me front door camera” will do the GH part.

Ok i think il wait a bit and see if there anything new
But if there is not such a device with a reasonable price, il just but one fit google home

If I don’t want to spend for a limousine I would rather drive decent quality small car (which I do) then large crappy chinese limo. My personal opinion is better buy small but good quality then big cheap unsupported “thingy”.

P.s. Soon netatmo will release it own smart doorbell. Link: