Nestdoorbell automations

Hey everyone :wave:

I bought a nest doorbell because it could link with my homey bridge (so no pro yet :cry:)
But I was trying to get a snapshot or even trying to talk to the person at the door trough my phone. but I just can’t get it to work.

What I did succeed to work, is that I get a notification on my phone en the doorbell rings through my Sonos speaker in the living room.

Is there a way to get a picture or video to my phone or is there no way?

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Talking to people at the door is through the Nest app on your phone. I think that works fine. Also the camera replays works great through the Nest app.

I have been using the Nest doorbell for multiple year, before google acquired them. But I never got the integration with Homey to work. I haven’t tried for the last two years so things might have changed.

How are you integrating the Doorbell with Homey?

Yeah I use the GH app now for talking to people at the front door.
But I wanted to integrate it by using the app. So I have a single app that I can use for everything. But I also bought a Nest Learning Thermostat but I can’t even connect it to my Homey bridge.