Smart doorbel experiances

Hi all.

I have a doorsafe DS 6600 smart door bell. It has a extra outlet so you can use this to trigger Homey and even ope a doorlock. It works fine with homey if you use a fibaro binairi switch in conjunction with homey.
This part works fine. First i tried it with wifi but the app that comes with the doorbell does not open. Than i tried after asking the supplier a treaded connection. Did not change anything . When someone is at the door and i want to answer the call i get the error response “network is busy”.

The homey part works fine but the rest is a piece of sh…

I have seen the doorbell of Ring however the reviews are confusing me. Also i dont like that you have to take an abbonement on it for reviewing the video’s . What are youre findings about the ring doorbell.

Also i have seen the august and skybell doorbell. Is there anyone using these devises and is there a way to connect them to homey?


I’ve personally favorized Ring (now Amazon) then Nest came (now google), unfortunately both of them are quite closed and do not really allow “playing” with them. Finally I’ve ordered Doorbird. Germany based company, still independent. Device is fully opened, you can record videos directly to Synology NAS, interact with homey (no third party switches needed), you can send stream to your smart television and so on.

Generally, I would recommend Doorbird They do cost a bit more initially but are without any additional installments which ends up much cheaper then all the other subscription based (Ring, Nest). Support from Doorbird is a bit slow in case you need them but they will eventually be of an assistance once you get in contact.

I would also recommend doorbird. Works for me 10 out of 10 times. Respond to a ring is fast. Camera could be better, especially irritating is the fact that you can not keep the ir on all the time. This goes on automatically (but often to late) and you can only set it to open for 3 minutes.
Keep in mind that it is a bit large :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am looking for a clever doorbell / entry solution as well and did some research and comparing during the last weeks.
There is nothing on the market that suits perfect.
However, there are 5 products on my shortlist:

  • Ring
  • Doorbird
  • Nest
  • Fibaro Intercom
  • A selfmade Solution, using binary sensors

While Ring vs Nest is tested very often throughout the web, I need to state they are out of race. Why? They’re offering subscriptions, okay - typical Google and Amazon - but the added value for money is to me not really worth it. Furthermore I want to open the gate with a click - not possible there.

Doorbird doesn’t fit in my case as it has to be installed at the door at the garden and I don’t wanna mess up with all the clutter.

Fibaro Intercom seems to be technically high-end, offers at least on paper all that’s “neede” and even more. Pain in the ass: costs is around 750 - 800€ (!). No subscriptions, no hidden costs.

After all I still don’t got a doorbell at the house entry and as there is a Gira TKS-Gateway (not IP) built-in w/ Phone Intercom (I don’t wanna go this way with an external call) I am really struggling what to do.

Perhaps a binary sensor in the basement, where the simpel 12Volt signal comes in from the “dead” doorbell from the house entry could send a signal (433mhz) and Homey could receive it, handling it as a virtual device; then - as a flow - Start procedure such as:
When it rings, stream 3rd party cam signal and mic audio to smartphone; enabling a button to speak or to open the gate.

After looking up weeks (really weeks!) I tend to be somewhere between trying Fibaro because of less stress - or building the own solution.

I’m looking in to this model
Not to expensive and should be able to work with Synology Surveilance Station.

Hi All,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I looked at the doorbird , got it all exept the right price.
Yesterday the mailman came again from Robsshop but nothing happened again for the second time so the package was returned to the shop again :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. Today got a surprise from my wife the ring pro incl the chime. Very happy today. I don;t have a fence so don’t have to open it. The 3 euro’s a month i take for grantidge. First impression is realy very good. Works with homey and works within 10 minutes. I can set areas for alarms ext. so yes for me its the right device.


Good to hear. Always interested in real experiences.

As there already are 10 wires from outside to my basement, I tend to build it by myself.
Will report when I failed or made it. :grin:

And did you managed to get the DS-KB6403 working with Synology and Homey?

Hi Lucas, sorry for the delay. No I did not bought the device. Still not convinced which device to use as more and more new smart doorbel devices become available. The announced Netatmo seems to be interresting, local storage, no subscription required, not battery powered and support for homekit. Just waiting for the price.

I do use a Xiaomi Aqara wireless switch. 12 USD at Aliexpress. Very cheap way to create a Doorbell! Works excellent with Homey. I created a Flow where Homey gives a Doorbell Sound and sents a notification to my Android phone. Beside that, Homey sents a screenshot off my Foscam IP-cam (with Synology Surveillance station) which is pointed at my frontdoor. So, for 12 USD I hear my Doorbell when I am at Home and If I am not at Home, Homey shows me that someone is at the door. Works excellent for 5 Months now!

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I ordered a Xiaomi switch also a month ago, haven’t received it yet. But in the meanwhile I bought a Ring Doorbell 2 :smile:
I’ll use the switch for something else :smirk:

Nice solution! How about if I need something that supposed to stay out in the weather? Rain and lots of Sun… and sometimes 45+ Celsius.

Thank you, nice and cheap solution. The “Action doorbell” is’t working for me anymore on 2.0.
Ordered two. 19 USD at the moment :+1:
Witch model ip cam do you use outside?

The ring works fine in the rain and the sun :grinning:

Very nice!!
Is there a possibility to talk to the person in front of the door via a speaker??

Thank you for your reply!

It is not possible to talk to the persoon SHO is at the door.

To my Experience, when you are not at Home, you get a notification at your smartphone. At the time you notice there is a notification and want to answer the person, hè or she is allready gone. Trying to answer takes to much time ( in my opinion)

I do use a FOSCAM FI9853EP camera. Works fine!

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I am looking for smart wifi video doorbell. Some one suggest me video ring doorbell 2. Please suggest me more about video doorbell because its easy for me to find best doorbell Thanks.

I myself have a Nest Hello. Disadvantage is if you want to use the face recognition you need a subscription. In my case € 50,- a year, 5 days of video history. I just bought the subscription to know if it is worth the money. Unfortunately it is. It is very nice to know who is at the frontdoor, or if there is someone known at the frontdoor. It works perfect with my  watch. Everytime someone is at the door I get a notification and a screenshot on my watch. As i have a google home mini, it is very nice it announces that someone is at the frontdoor, or who is at the frontdoor. After a while I also bought a google home hub, that way I can see on the hub who is at the door.(tried it on a Ipad and Raspberrie Pi before)This is very WAF friendly. My wife and children love this part. Aspecially because it shows automatically on the hub when someone is at the frontdoor. The Nest api is very closed and gives no opportunately to play with the Nest Hello. But despite that, it works where I bought the Hello fore, seeiing who is at my frontdoor. Five days of videohistory is also sufficient. The images are incredible sharp, mutch better as my Netatmo welcome and also a much better face recognition. But I admit that at first I had my doubts, because it is a google company. The subsciption is the only part I dislike(yes I am Dutch), but maybe, just maybe, that way this product will be longer on the market.

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