Need help about entrance solution

Hi guys,

So I have a idlock 150 with z-wave module that I intend to connect to homey.
My idea is to get a notice when the different users enters/leaves.
I am also looking at purchasing a netatmo presence to set close to the door to get notification when there is someone in front of the house.
My question is, will I be able to see the live stream from the camera in my push notification or do I have to login in to the cam app?

Also I have been thinking of another solution with a doorbell with camera instead like the fibaro intercome, but that seems like overkill when I already have the idlock…

I want to get a live stream and be able to talk to the people knocking on the door, but maybe all I need is a doorbell that I can talk through and watch through the netatmo?

Im just spitballing here so any suggestion is appreciated :slight_smile:


I just can tell how I made it, after testing Ring I went for Doorbird. It offers 2 way audio, video incl night view, snapshots of movement and the doorbell, support for a connected lock as well as with Nuki etc.
When the door rings, homey sends me a snapshot via push message. When I then hit that the DoorBird App opens up offering video stream and the possibility to talk, open the connected Relais (ie gate, front door …).

It works pretty nice for me here though I don’t know whether the integrated camera (which can get a NAS storage configured as well to keep the videos) is able to get shown directly in Homey.

As my first intention has been to build all that system with single components by myself I ended up with that off-the-shelve Solution pretty nice.

Perhaps someone else knows more about this (maybe I’ll als the developer of the DoorBird HomeyApp about that)

@Mario_Me nice thanks :slight_smile: gonna look into the doorbird, I have setup the idlock and it works awesome, but I really dislike that I have to pay to send video to rings own server…so if doorbird have the ability to store internally thats great!

I think the solution will be having the doorbell and also a netatmo presence guarding :slight_smile:
But will look into the doorbird thanks :slight_smile:

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…you’re welcome.

That’s exactly a big point as well that made me to not go for Ring or Nest: I do understand subscriptions for some kind of software or online services of course; but the possibility to use your own server is crucial.