Video Doorbell Homey

Hello. I’m going to buy video doorbell isn’t compatible with Homey (because compatible are so expensive) and I also can open doors with it (electrical doorlock). It consists from:

1× video monitor
1× door camera unit

This is scheme of connection:

My question is:

Is possible to connect it with Homey by buying some additional devices? For example if I want to open doors also using phone I can buy this device and it will be possible with both phone (using Homey UI) and video monitor button (on my wall).

Is possible to see in Homey videos from camera or comunicate with visitor or get some message if someone ring the bell and I am not at the home?

Hi there,
for the door opener circut you might be better off with a fibaro relais and tell it to autooff after 3 seconds.
The smart implant is more for logic based things.
So the opener part would work.
But the Homey app cannot show video streams at all. You can only push still images to it.
How you would get that in from that system, I don’t know sorry.