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Homey to use/play custom sound file

Hi Guys,

I wanted to see if I can get homey to use a custom audiofile (mp3, wav) in flows. Pretty sure I have seen the capability to add files in the past, but cannot locate the thread in this forum anymore.

Would like to add bell/gong/siren type sounds to work with flows (instead of homey speaking) to replace my unreliable (and too loud) kaku gong.


@Bumper checkout Soundboard… https://apps.athom.com/app/com.athom.soundboard

Hi, you can use an app for that “sounboard” works nice !
Works with files up to 900kb I think.

Thanks guys! will try


You can find soundboard clips via google
allread found a lot of them.

Using Soundboard over here!
With https://ttsmp3.com/ you can produce your custom text in mp3.
This way, you have “speech simulation” to overcome Homey’s terrible stuttering.