How to play a custom soundbite on a simple speaker from a Flow?

I am building a fancy headboard for my new bed. I want to build a simple speaker/audio device inside it, that I can use to play simple sounds (like a roaster crowing) on command. For example a roaster crowing, or cheering sound :slight_smile: - to use as a alarm clock or in other flows.

I am looking for a device that can play a simple audio on command from a Homey Flow… How to do this in a best way, does anyone have any creative ideas?

I have for example a Logitech bluetooth speaker, but how can I get a specific sound to it, from a Flow?
Or maybe even better/simpler: Any audio-device that can play an mp3 when powered on (using a smart power plug)?
Any other cool ideas of solving this scenario?

I use a Ikea/Sonos speaker for my alarm via Homey