Pushover Notifications

Pushover notifications for Athom Homey

This app lets you send Pushover notifications to use in flows on a Homey device (by Athom).

  1. Go to Pushover.net and login
  2. Grab your user key
  3. Grab your relevant group key (if used)
  4. Create a new application for Homey https://pushover.net/apps/build
  5. Grab your created application key
  6. Go to settings on your Homey, and under Pushover Notifications fill in your user, group & application/token key and save.


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  • Added titles and hints to the flow card actions


  • Multiple fixes (thanks to Vekdkornet):
  • Updated colour scheme to “Pushover blue”
  • Support for group notifications. Add your group key under settings.
  • Additional Dutch translations


  • Multiple fixes (thanks to Vekdkornet):
  • Fixed an issue where all messages were being sent as “Normal” priority
  • Fixed an issue where the send message to device flow would not work
  • Added Notification Sound on the Image Flow Card
  • Added support for Custom Subject
  • Added support for Device Default Sound
  • Added support for Emergency Priority


  • Fixed device selection in flow card
  • Added confirmation for saved settings
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Since 0.0.13 has been set as stable I get a lot of crashes, this is because since 0.0.10 which was stable a few flow cards have been changed.

Please edit all your flow cards where you use a Pushover card and be sure to fill in all fields in the pushover card, this should prevent the crashes.

0.0.14 is waiting for aproval, this version will make it possible to send a image to a specific device.

It looks great!
Do i understand correctly that this would allow us to get notifications on mobile for actions / results/ from flows that ususally don’t get notified by homey OOTB ?

Yes, you can. Just add a Pushover card and of you go.

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gedaan. Kwam er al achter dat ik geen push’s meer kreeg

Is it possible with this app to send a notification thru homey when you receive an email of person xor subject x?

Super app, good to see it’s still supported!

Donation made!

Hi All Maybe i made a silly question because not getting any answers?

Is it possible with this app to send a notification thru homey when you receive an email of person xor subject x? That was my first question. Trying to figure it out but not sure what you can do with this app. I have an api and key and filled it in in Homey. So far so good. I do see several flows cards in the then collom. Can you give me an idea or example what the possibilities are from this app? would appreciate this a lot :grinning::grinning:

When u have an app to receive the email then u could send this with pushover yes.
Something like : WHEN email received THEN pushover send txt.
When the question would be: can I send and receive emails with this app then the answer will be No.
I use it f.e. for sending a pushover when someone is at the door or when the gate opens when nobody is at home. It’s a very cool app with custom sounds which can be send with the message. So when someone is at the door u can send a different sound and when the gate opens another sound. Like it!!

Hi Roco. Thanks again for the reply.
I found out that the email part is working thru pushover by forwarding a mail to their email and then they send a push message to your phone.

What I understand in your post is that there is a email app for homey? So you can use homey to send the push? Is this correct?

I have seen much more options now in the Then part in homey. Will have a go for that.

Search for email in the AppStore

Of course that’s wat I always do before asking a question. However I only saw this one and that speaks only about sending

I have tried the Email sender app from above. Getting errors but also do not see any options in the IF card so this can’t be used if you ask me?

In that case we continue the pushover conversation because we are very off-topic here.

Oké, maybe you can help me with this than? I made a test flow and it runs. However is see a symbol that keeps turning(flow active). After 30 secs I get a message “flow card error” time out. I think I has got something to do with the last 2 option that you can fill in. Nood notificatie poging and vervaltijd. What do you fill in there and what does it do. Sorry for al the questions but I am trying to figure out this fine app

@PandaNL ^^

First be sure that you have filled in the user key and token api key under more (three dots) > Settings > Pushover Notifications. If you don’t use groups in pushover you can keep the group key field empty.

In your flows where you want to use Pushover fill in all fields. for Emergency retry interval and emergency retry expiration just fill in 0.

With Pushover you can select the message priority, this will be defaulted to normal, but there are also other priorities one of them is Emergency.

For example, Homey knows you are away from home and your motion sensor triggers movement, you could use the pushover card and set the priority to Emergency, with the emergency delay field you can set a certain time in seconds, this means that it will re-send the notification every XX seconds until the user has acknowledged the notification or if the set emergency retry expiration is reached.

This part was the problem, its very clear now i will have a go for it. awesome.
Thanks for the explanation!:+1::+1:

Lately I have a lot of delay in Pushover from Homey, sometimes up to 10-15 seconds which makes it unusable for doorbell notifications for instance. If I send test messages from pushover online, they arrive instantly. Anyone facing similar issues?

Yes it is indeed. Like iftt and all free stuff delay is normal. You cannot relay on it. Better going with homey push service to have instant notification. I use pushover to send me and save a snapshot, so I can keep record of them ,does not matter is there is a small delay. I have same issue with Iftt … Sometime is working fine sometime a big delay, larger the 15 sec. …