Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home

Just realised Heimdall already offers functionality to check your sensors in realtime. Go to the apps settings, open the Devices tab and the State sub tab. Walk around the house, wave at the sensors and open the doors/windows and you’ll see their state change in realtime, even for sensors that are not included in any of the Surveillance Modes

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Tnx, I knew of that and it is great, but it is not capable of triggering a flow. On a flow I could Google tts it to all of the speakers and that would be nice. But you are right, I could just as well walk around with my mobile and check the app while testing.

@DaneedeKruyff, I have a problem with the Heimdall app that happens randomly. I hope that this is the right place to bring up this issue…
I use a Popp keypad to arm and disarm and it works fine most of the times. However, sometimes (maybe once a week) this problem happens:

  • The alarm countdown starts when a motion sensor is triggered when entering the main entrance
  • I enter the correct code on the keypad
  • The alarm is not disarmed and the countdown is still active
  • The alarm is activated and the siren starts
  • About 20 seconds later the alarm is disarmed - by the flow that I triggered 20 seconds earlier!


Seems like the disarm flow is delayed.
Have you seen or heard about this problem before?
If not, how can I troubleshoot this issue?
Can the problem be the Heimdall app or the actual Homey?

Hello Harald, This is the right place to discuss Heimdall :slight_smile:

I have not seen any reports that the changing of the Surveillance Mode was delayed, it happens instantly on using the Surveillance Mode Switch or the flow card.

Can you post a screenshot of the flow you use to set the Surveillance Mode to Disarmed?
How did you determine the flow actually fired 20 seconds earlier?
How is the CPU usage on your Homey?
How is the Memory usage on your Homey?

Many thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

This my flow to set the Surveillance Mode to Disarmed:

In the screenshot from my original post (I could not get the whole line in the screenshot) you can see:
12:44:19.006 Armed Heimdall Alarm is activated.
12:44:41.055 Disarmed Flowcard Surveillance mode is disarmed

So, about 22 seconds after the alarm is activated, it is disarmed. I entered the correct pincode during countdown of the alarm.

The CPU looks good. I didn’t check the CPU when the problem happended (will do that if the problem occurs again). At the moment the CPU is:
Last minute: 37%
Last 5 minutes: 23%
Last 15 minutes: 14%

This is my current memory usage:

The flow looks ok. I don’t think the cause of the delay is in Heimdall or your flows, but somehow the disarming on the keypad is not processed in realtime in Homey. This can be because either the CPU is overloaded, too much memory in use or a delay in the Z-wave network.
You can add a notification card to the flow to get a notification on when the flow is actually executed, I suggest using Pushover for that.

I have the same keypad and experience the same behavior once in a while. I shrugged it of as Z-Wave (my keypad is at the edge of range). I’m considering replacing some KaKu devices between Homey & Popp to extend the reach. In the mean time I will also monitor CPU and memory when I see the same problem again. And add some additional logging.

FYI, I have a backup-flow, when I notice the countdown is still running (I have Heimdall call-out the delay timer), I can accept the push notification on my device.

I was afraid that the problem was not related to the Heimdall app, thanks for confirming this.
Also, many thanks for a great app and support!
I will try out the Pushover app to see if I can find the cause of the problem.

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It is always nice to hear that someone else has the same problem, even if it not solved yet. :slight_smile:
I just realized that the Popp keypad communicates directly to the Homey (5-6 metres between). Last time I checked, the Z-Wave path was “Popp keypad” -> “Aeotec Siren” -> “Homey”.
I have about 2 metres between the Popp keypad and the Aeotec siren and less then 4 metres between the siren and Homey.
Strange that it changed…???
Can you please explain more in detail how you plan to monitor CPU and memory? I can not find these statistics in Insight. Also, how do you plan to get additional logging?
Thanks for sharing you backup-flow. I guess I need to do something simular.

How can I add the built in deactivate alarm button in a flow of the alarm goes on ?

Can find the button in the if colom ?

Can you explain what you’re trying to do, I don’t understand your question.
Most actions are done on Heimdall itself, so the flowcards can be found searching for Heimdall. The Surveillance Mode Switch and Alarm Off Button have less functionality in flows and are primarily for use in the app.

if the alarm goes off and I press the heimdall alarm button then the alarm does not go off. that’s not right. I use Chromecast for the siren

And do you mean that the Alarm State is not switched off or that the Chromecast doesn’t stop?
You can check the history of the Alarm State in the log in the apps settings.

The alarm won’t go off ( if I push the button) the sound on my Nest just stay playing

But how would the Nest stop playing? Do you have a flow that looks a bit like this one:

(Obviously you have to replace the card in the Then… column with a card that would actually stop the Nest)

Ahh understand look at ni flows, so then ?

Why use the condition? This flow is triggered when the Alarm State is switched off and you check if the Alarm State is on, that doesn’t make sense.

Thank you, now it’s working !

Now let’s make some good flows…

Per favore, ecco la versione italiana di Heimdall!

Thanks too @Massimiliano_Massari the Italian Homey users can now use Heimdall in their own language!

Changes for current version 2.0.20

  • Added Italian translation
  • Added ‘Allow Alarm while in alarm delay’

In the settings you will find a new setting, Allow Alarm while in Alarm Delay

Imagine having a hallway with sensors at both the front door and inner door. When entering through the front door and activating the Alarm Delay you have enough time to set the Surveillance Mode to Disarmed. If someone enters and doesn’t change the Surveillance Mode but opens the next door the Alarm Delay will be overruled and the Alarm State will be activated immediately.


New version published

Version 2.0.21

  • Added condition flowcard to check if a device is delayed
  • Added action flowcard to add delay to device
  • Added action flowcard to remove delay from device

With this new update you can add or remove the Delay on a device from a flow.
For example, remove the Delay from a device when the last person leaves home:

and add it again when the first person gets home again:

This way someone has time to set the Surveillance Mode to Disarmed when someone gets home but the Alarm State will be activated immediately when no user of your Homey is in the geofencing range of your house!

There is also a condition card to check what the current Delay setting on a device is:

And more is coming, stay tuned!