[Feature Request] Actionable notifications (iOS & Android)

Alarm (adv)Flow.

I leave home, alarm flow is enabled. Alarm is immediately triggered because someone with no homey account is in the house.

It would be awesome if there’d be an actionable push notification. like “You left home; activity triggered alarm, would you like to disengage alarm?” [yes/no].

This could also be used for integers for heating, dim level for lighting or even trigger another flow based on response…

Kind regards,
R. Bakker
(love adv flows btw; worth the 25 and then some)

Already exists in the And… category.

Sorry, only in German:

Awesome! thanks!

I’ve tried… but it seems this doesn’t work on my phone… i may have to fiddle with the ios settings maybe

Please share your flow and the iOS settings of the Homey app.

it does take me straight to the APP, but it doesn’t show me the box you showed…

I don’t think it’s the app settings.

Which flow doesn’t work? This one?

Have you tried to start the flow manually?

Both don’t work. It sends me to the app, but no choice box appears. Like if you would just start the app.

Yes, started manually for testing :slight_smile:

The “big” flow can’t work because the push message card is added as a “Then…” card and not as a “And…” card.

However, the “small” flow should work. But of course only if the variable “in_AlarmTriggered” is greater than 5.

Yes, i see; i use another “and”-card in another adv. flow, but both of them don’t work. The notification appears, but when i click it… it just takes me to the app, without asking for feedback… wait… :slight_smile:

I guess you’ll have to allow notifications from the Homey app?