Homey keeps sending push notification in app


I have a flow that generate a push notification if the alarm goes off at home. I tested this yesterday and after that the push notification keeps on repeating everytime I open the app. I tried to reboot Homey, logged out from account and logged in again. Also tried to disable all the push notfications in settings. Keeps on repeating. Anyone familiar with this problem? See screenshot:

Is it possible the alarm goes off all the time? For testing reasons you could ad a timer for 1 or more minutes at the then part and ad the AND part timer is not running. That way you won’t get crazy.

It sounds like your flow sent a sh*tload of notifications that got queued up somewhere and are now in the process of being delivered.

Maybe. Is there a way to delete the queue? I checked the Heimdall log everything seems ok, just one line where it says the alarm had been triggered.

You can’t delete the queue, AFAIK :frowning:

Disable the flow?

Thanks, but already tried that.

I´ve now sent support ticket to Homey Support and see if they might come up with a solution to clear the queue.

Or a what strange solution, make a flow for every second make a notification. After some minutes this will stop because you achieve to many notifications. 24 hours later your notifications will automatically be enabled. This happened a few times for me

Will certainly be quicker as Athoms response i think.:hugs:

I’ve the same issue.
For our kids room i made a flow, that when the temperature is reaching a certain degrees, me and my wife are getting a notification on our phone, so whe can turn on the AC.
But, i receive this message like 10 times.
So now i removed the option “push message”.

Its to bad, cause we wanted to know the temperature trough this option, and not checking the sensor all the time.

10 times for the same temperature at once? Because it’s easy to get multiple notifications if you have a flow like “WHEN the temperature has changed AND it’s above 20 degrees”.

For a flow like that, a notification will be sent every time the temperature has changed and is above 20 degrees. So for 20.1°C, 20.2°C, 20.3°C, 20.4°C, etc.

You should use a variable (“notification sent”) that will be checked and only if it’s false a notification will be sent and the variable will be set to true. Once the temperature drops below 20 degrees, the variable is reset to false again.


You are totally right.
Offcourse, that how our flow is made at the moment…

thnx Robert!! I know what to do

Not sure I understand, but could this be a bug related to the latest Homey firmware/software?
My flow is configured as followed:


Alarm is triggered.


Send push notification.

This should only happen once, even if multiple sensors triggers the alarm, right? Or I´m thinking wrong here? Could it be some configuration in Heimdall that triggers the flow multiple times?

It should happen everytime the alarm is triggered

Finally, about 48 hours after the first push notification was sent, the flood of messages now have stopped. Very strange and unreliable, especially when using critical functions as home security/alarm. I´ve got fast response from Homey Support and they asked me to send the complete Flow I´m using. I also sent them the mandatory report ID, so hopefully they will find what´s causing the notification flooding…

Same problem here. Tested a flow with push notification, just to see if this would work for me. It didn’t and Ideleted the flow a few days ago. Everytime Homey app is started now I still get the question from the not existing flow. Very annoying. Will see if it stops after a while as I understand from this thread.

also same problem here. The Support has actually no idea. :frowning: