Homey alarm to phone


Can’t find any similar question so I have to ask.

Is there a way that I can get a notification when something happens on Homey?

Either a notification from the mobile app itself (sound) or another app with an alarm.

I would like to get notified when special things happen in my home.
This could be a flow that is activated by a water sensor that says there is a leakage or a door magnet that is disconnect when there shouldn’t be anyone home. These flows could send me a signal somehow.

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‘Push notifications’ won’t do?

How do you get that?
I don’t have that option

First you’ll have to create/edit a flow, and then add a WHEN card to it;
Then you’ll see the listing like Wim_Post showed, and you should see a Push Notification card you can add to the flow.

You can also check out the “Join” app, it can even let your phone speak for example

For sensing messages to others you can use the WhatsApp app (don’t think WhatsApp allows you to sent messages to yourself)

I will test this, thank you :slight_smile:

I have created a test now and I get notifications on my phone.

But it seems I get notifications also when there is posted something on the timeline.

Is it possible to deactivate the timeline notifications and just allow the push notifications to trigger my phone?

Both of these actions trigger my phone

Chrck the settings for timeline and disable the once you do not want.

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You can send messages with the whatsapp app to yourself but there is no sound notification

The problem is not the timeline, the problem is that all the flows are coming as push notifications.
This is strange since the push notifications for flows are deactivated.


The notifications from flows are coming to the timeline, thats ok:

But they are also coming as push notifications even though that is not activated: