Alarm, notification, push clarification please

Hi there,

May be I’m misunderstanding something about alarm, notification and push let me explain

I’m notified (push) on my phone when an app is updated, when I leave or come home or when a battery is coming low or high. Until there this is perfect. All is also shown on chronology home screen of homey.

But today I wanted to test alarm for Water Leak Sensor. I got 3 different

  • 1 from Fibaro App
  • 1from ZigBee Aquara App
  • 1 from Tuya Zigbee App (Blitzwolf)

When I’m testing device with water I can see in device screen that water is detected (orange mark) and on device history also, this what I expected.

But I got nothing on chronology screen of homey about this nor receiving any push notification.
Of course activated push notification on Parameters / Notification / ZigBee

From my point of view having waterleak notification is more important than app update or battery, so what did I missed? Of course I can add flows with push (it works) but I think there is an easier way I missed, so any help is welcome. How can I add these alarms also on chronology screen of homey?


It depends on the app… some apps or homey itself is writing timeline entires by itself.
Other app (like apps with several devices) don’t do that, because each device has it’s own set of events.
So you have to make a flow to write a timeline entry. You can send a push notification in the flow but you don’t need if you activate push in the timeline.

Upon the timeline is a settings icon. In that menu you can activate automatic push for apps or categories.

Some technical background…
The alarm-water is only one possible capability of your device.
Devices can have their own capabilities with own name and unit. So Homey can’t decide, what cabability is important for YOU to send a push message. So it’s your decision to react on it with a flow and make your own logic (mail, blinking lights…).
Perhaps someons uses the water sensor as level indicator in his pool and just want to stop the pump.

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thanks for the answer, just will use flow, makes senses. Was not aware about the timeline (chronologie in french) , good to know will try this, excellent.