Timeline not updating (app & web)


New and first time user of Homey (HP23) here! My timeline stopped updating a day after I started using the Homey. Initial update to rc.110 shows, a low battery message on a Hue motion sensor shows. Me leaving and arriving also. But after a day, no more messages on the timeline, for three days now.

A simple test flow to push a msg to the timeline works. But arriving/leaving home, backup completed, and push notifications do not appear on the timeline. Settings are so that they should.

Known bug?

Didn’t read about this yet.
Is the timeline still enabled for flow, presence, backups etc?

That is by design; They should appear on the phone they’re sent to

I have all my Timeline settings to “on” but only Presence changes and App updates shows on the timeline. What could be wrong? At least Backup and Flows should appear?

I only know of ‘rate limit’ (with Pro 2019), which resets after 24h or by a system reboot.
But in that case, when you test a flow it shouldn’t work, but it does:

Did you inform Athom in the meantime? Already cut Homey’s power for 15 minutes?

Thanks for the thoughts. I did inform Athom with diagnostic report and more. Will wiat and see. And thanks for clarifying re: push notifications not appearing on timeline; did not know that!

15 minutes power cut seems a lot :slight_smile: I may give that a try if situation remains the same.

Yes only timeline notifications appear on the timeline.

You can however automatically send push notifications (to the owner) along with timeline notifications, when you enable it in the timeline settings:

Well it’s to be absolutely sure the power dies out completely. Probably a few minutes will do the trick :wink: