Timeline activities missing or lag behind


I have experienced that the timeline of happenings can be gone for a whole day. The actions and flows seem to work fine, but everything I have programmed to appear on the timeline is absent.

Also, I have experienced that the happenings become visible several minutes after they actually occured. Like a lamp or the registration of movement happened for 5 minutes ago showing in the timeline now.

This is the new HP2023

Mobile app? Web app? Both?

When nothing appears for a whole day, the timeline is most probably ‘rate limited’. Which means things send too many notifications in a certain amount of time.
I suggest using the Simple Sys Log app for less important notifications.

The Rate limit is gone after 24h, or right after a reboot.

You can see the error when you test a flow which has a Timeline card in it.

(When I test advanced flows with a Timeline card in it, it almost gets rate limited right away here. Very annoying)

I experienced this on both platforms

All of a sudden I’m also having problems with the timeline beeing intermittent.
I only have a few events on the timeline each day (2-4) and now when I look they’re not there. If I wait a couple of hours they are there again only to disappear again.
This is both in my android app and on the web. First I reinstalled the app and pulled the power from my Homey a couple of minutes to give it a true restart but that didn’t help.

I created a flow that only writes a text to the timeline and it runs correctly but nothing shows.
In the app when I press the … after the Timeline it says “Flow 1 >” so there should be one.

I’m using the Homey Pro 2019

Hi Jorgen, welcome here.

Probably obvious, but did you PtP (pull the plug for 5 minutes or more) Homey already? That might help ‘resetting’ this kind of behaviour.

Yes, I wrote “pulled the power from my Homey a couple of minutes to give it a true restart but that didn’t help”.

Probably was more than 10 minutes because I took the opportunity to reroute a couple of wires.

I might have to factory reset it and restore the latest backup (I have a subscription).

I can force the timeline to show by creating a Flow that only writes Hello to the timeline, whenever I manually run this flow all other events show up…for a while…