[Homey Pro 2023] Problems, issues and bugs

I thought it might be good to have one centralized thread for issues/problems with the brand new HP23 in Early Access!

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Just received my Pro 23, and after update + migration I noticed that the Logic card “When X has changed” does not seem to trigger correctly:

When I toggle the TestBoolean between Yes/No through the web UI no timeline notification appears? has anyone else seen this?

[Update] Seems to be resolved after a reboot.

Just as a small disclaimer.

Athom does not follow this forum actively, if you have issues you should first and foremost send the issue(s) to the support form that is mentioned in the e-mail you received and/or the one that is mentioned on the homescreen of the new mobile app.
Yes even if you expect it to be a issue that has been mentioned before, or if you think that you might be the only one, every situation can and will be different for users.


Maybe not related to the new homey but since I just started using advanced flows I was wondering where the “a device hasn’t reported in…” “when” card went. Is there an alternative now for the When card?

This Card?
I checked it on Homey Pro (Early 2016)
That is not available on my Homey Pro (Early 2023) at the moment,

Report an Issue

If you have encountered an issue, please report it so our team can fix it. Even if you think it has already been reported, knowing how often it occurs help a lot solving it.

** Report an Issue with Homey Pro (Early 2023) →*

It isn’t related to Advanced Flows, only to Homey Pro (Early 2023) as it also isn’t available on Standard Flows.

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That’s the one! I didn’t have advanced flow before hence I wasn’t sure if this was by design. Let me create a the bug report.


Noticed that from the WebUI on HP23, when you select “Insights” from the context menu of a Tuya Smart Plug, the most interesting metric “Power usage” is not selected by default in the graphs.


Can someone confirm if this also happens with plugs of other brands?

I’am trying to install a app frome the (original) appstore.
When I click on Install on my Homey 2023 the app want install en the message homey_banned show up.

Hello some problems found with hp23

  1. Zigbee device which goes under hp19 could not be connected to hp23
  2. with variables yes/no, only an x or tick is output instead of yes or no if I output it in the bench direction


I can’t access my HP23 through: my.homey.app. It says offline, but the mobile app works fine.

Just found out I also can’t install apps, because the app store webpage also says my HP23 is offline.

Reboot did not help.

I have no problems accessing the web app
(also selected the right homey?)
found another weakness in hp23
Notification in timeline the apps are not displayed correctly when you want to toggle them on/off compared to hp19

Please report these bugs to Athom

Yes, selected the right homey. Everytime I use a browser that is not on my home network, I can’t access the webapp. The mobile app works regardless of what network I am on.

firewall ??
is the site accessible?

Yes, and it works on my HP19 just fine.

no further idea, seems to work for almost everyone else.
if you log out of the account and log in, are both homey displayed for selection?

New Problem mit hp23

since Homey2023 I have a problem with sending pictures
with email sender or callmebot incorrect
and I’m not sure if it’s up to callmebot or the source of the images
I send a picture from a camera (onvif app) via signal and get an error 403 Forbidden

if I send the same picture via email sender app then the attachment is a xx.bin
this is probably the reason for the error

with the homey 2019 no problems with both apps

the xx.bin is a jpg with bad name extention

More people having problems with zigbee sensors on the new HP23? I checked the status page that there is a know issue with the pro that sensors stop reporting after a few days, but mine does it from the beginnen. Do we just wait for an update? They worked fine on my HP16.

Which brand of Zigbee sensors, eg. Xiaomi or some others ? I would suggest to “repair” them, to see if there will be working. In my case, Xiaomi devices were not working (on dev. interface missing network address), all others - Aqara, Philips , Ikea, are working fine since beginning - 67 devices, additional 6 are on old Xiaomi gateway because of the issues mentioned.

I have aqara sensors in the zigbee network. 1 door/window sensor, 6 motion sensors, and 1 human body sensor (the old motion sensor). None of them works flawless, some work better than others though. The location is the same as they were on the HP16, so reception should be fine. I will try to repair them, see if that works. Thanks.

Edit; i can only click interview or ping, how do i repair the devie?