@Homey Support - Status on Thread?

Dear Homey team,

I am eagerly awaiting thread to be enabled…Your statement dates back already 2 month…

An update on Homey Pro’s roadmap

Is there any update on this matter?


This is a community forum, Athom doesn’t read it.

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It’s explained in the blog,

The update is more than 2 months old, so some news would be great - especially on “They promised us a fix in Q4, so we’re pushing them to rush their efforts.”


This is still a community forum, and Athom still doesn’t read it.


I posted exactly the same info 19 days ago @RickardDehlin ? :nerd_face::wink:

An update on Homey Pro's roadmap. | Homey is not the same blogpost as Why we couldn't ship Thread in 2023 | Homey.

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Look at the screenshot. It’s the same blog post.
That’s all.

At last Thread works…no problem adding Aqara P2 into HP2023 :+1:

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Homey Pro (Early 2023) Changelog | Homey


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Hi. i hope there will be a quick update to this Experimental release, all my Zigbee-smartplugs whent of grid :frowning: :upside_down_face:

to me also… zigbee restarts on homey reboot and works for sometime…

Maybe someone Cloud support here…I do have a lot of nanoleaf bulbs, not those that support “just” matter. I do have those with Bluetooth & Thread.
I thought as soon as they enable thread (with the latest beta) I am able to pair them. Unlike to “just” matter bulbs they have a 8 digit code (not 11) - xxxx-xxxx. However, it is not accepting the 8 digit code when trying to add the device…

Any clue?


It says it all, Atle: Experimental.
Which means, you are now a beta tester, and it would be nice to report your findings to Athom, so they can fix any bugs!

But, my guess you probably don’t want to be a beta tester,
and you presumably do not own a Pro 2023 test environment (thy should not run beta firmware on your daily driver Homey!),

so your quick solution is, to revert to the stable firmware version