[LIST] Does it Matter and Work over Thread

Although Homey has Matter still in Beta and Thread isn’t released yet, I am curious what device are already available and talking Matter and over Thread? (For others over IP, see here: [LIST] Does it Matter and Work over IP (NOT Thread) )

These are Devices we probably wil not see an App for in the Homey Appstore but might be interesting for the Gadget hungry with us.

Athom’s Info what Matter and Thread is:
What is Matter? Explaining the World's Latest Smart Home Protocol. | Homey
and Current implementation status of Matter/ Thread in Homey Pro (Early 2023):

As Many vendors have announced, I would like to limit for now what is available.

Lets see if we can categorize and link to Official Brands / Devices (No shops, no affiliaties) to get some inspiration. And maybe if we have seen it work with Homey Pro (Early 2023) (TBD)

I will make it a Wiki, but if you want to correct you can also reply.

Matter Hub: the Coordinator of a Matter Setup

  • Homey Pro (Early 2023)

Thread Border Routers:

  • Homey Pro (Early 2023)
  • Apple HomePod Mini
  • Google Nest Hub 2

Matter devices:


Sensors / Buttons:




:question: Found online but not yet Tested.
:white_check_mark: Reported Working with Homey Pro (Early 2023) Matter + Thread (FW >= v10.3.0 )

WIP - To be completed, but I am curious what Others already had on their Wishlist.


I would really want to know if someone has a Nuki 4th Gen Smartlock (either normal or pro) and how well it works over Thread.

It’s working since today

SIEGENIA Smarter Fenstergriff signalweiß
(door handle)

(matter, thread)


  • lock / unlock works via homey pro 2023 since fw 10.3.0-rc.7
  • contact sensor works, too
    (in futher matter protocol versions this lock will show the position of the door handle, too)

Great thread idea @Dijker

I can confirm that the eve motion blinds will work over thread for homey. BUT they’ll first must be upgraded to support matter, which can only be done with an apple homekit router. (homePod, tv etc).

Once it has been upgrade to “matter” you can either add it to homey via HomePod (I used a mini) or add it directly to the Homey thread network. (my preferred method).

I can also confirm that once added to homey it is possible for my Echo 4th gen (with thread) to access the device. I have never tried the opposite direction.

Eve Motion Blinds
Apple → Homey → Blinds :white_check_mark:
Homey → Apple → Blinds :white_check_mark:
Alexa → Homey → Blinds :white_check_mark: (I saw it, didnt add it, my homey devices work in alexa)
Homey → Alexa → Blinds :question: (never tried, I want all thread items on the homey network)


Thank you so much for this - I am interested in building a Matter over Thread ecosystem only - and honestly I have not been able to find any sort of comprehensive list of products - and the Homey Pro Apps list doesnt even include Matter under “Technologies”!
This makes me wonder if I need to wait for the next gen Homey Pro… as the current will add Matter & Thread through a firmwear? update and not be built with this technology from the outset?
I have no idea what I am talking about just guessing!

No need to Wait as it was in the Design for Homey Pro (Early 2023) from the beginning, just not developed in Software yet as the Standard and devices didn’t exist yet. (only on paper)

So maybe just report here What Thread&Matter Devices you want to Add …
Shouldn’t be a to big list imho as there don’t exist that many (yet).
(Pls don’t report Devices that are not yet available to buy, only what is available including Thread & Matter support)

I don’t own one but the Aqara door/window sensor P2 is Matter over Thread:

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with the new firmware 10.3.0, where thread is activated, you can add the Aqara P2 in Homey
But only the contact alarm function is displayed, not even the battery status is recognized.

I have tested Nanoleaf Matter Essentials Smart Bulbs | LED Color Changing Lighting (Europe)
i have about 10 of them and i cannot recommend them with homey at all. the popcorn effect for turning on / off is one thing, its really bad compared to Zigbee lights… but the worste if you send command to multiple devices, often only half or fewer gets them and the rest timeout.
doing the testing of v10.3.0-rc i have provided feedback to homey about this, the respond was “we will look into to it”

I have bought the Aqara P2 and can confirm it works, however the range is not that good so currently I cannot use it at the location I want to use it.

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You can increase the range by adding to the system https://www.evehome.com/en/eve-energy
For me, Aqara P2 works at 11 meters through 3 walls. Without EVE Energy, the range decreases twice.

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I’ll order one, just for the sake of testing.

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Are your bulbs on the “stable” or beta firmware? The stable is buggy as hell but Nanoleaf made good progress over the last weeks with their beta firmware. They even released a matter 1.2 based firmware a few hours ago which improves the switching of multiple bulbs a lot compared to the last betas.

A few weeks ago I was close to returning my 16 bulbs because of the instability and other issues like self turning on in the middle of the night etc. As of today I am quite satisfied with them.

Just FYI - I just installed blinds from a 3rd party vendor that uses the Eve Motion Blind motor, which is now “out-of-the-box Matter over Thread” (i.e. no upgrade from Apple HomeKit needed!). The installation and connection to Homey Pro (2023) was very smooth. Just had to manually set the end points (top / bottom) on the blinds themselves before being able to control them from Homey Pro (2023).

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yea was running the stable version, have “upgraded” to the beta 3.6.173, its better… but still fare from great i would say.