Tuo devices supported out of the box using Thread and Matter?


I do not know if anybody stumbled over Tuo?

It seems to be an american company from New York. What it makes interesting for me is that they offer a smart button, contact sensor, and smart lock leveraging the Thread protocoll and Matter.

I am aware that Homey Pro 23 does not have Thread support yet, but I wonder if such devices will be working out-of-the-box with Homey when full Thread/Matter support is available?

How would this work then?

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For what it Matters: https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/9075551662108-Matter-Beta-for-Homey-Pro-Early-2023-

Homey Apps do not support Matter yet. Therefore it is not necessary to install any app before a Matter device is paired, just follow the instructions in the next paragraph. Homey Apps with support for Matter will be available in the future.

But as it depends on the future…
I have no idea…
the Crystal ball magic sphere future fortune prediction didn’t work on Athoms Development process

Sorry, but I found your answer a bit rude. As a user with a strong interest in this topic, but not a technical expert I find it a fair question to ask if a arbritary device that supports Thread and Matter will work out-of-the-box with Homey (no app required).

If I understand the linked and other articles correctly; I would say yes. That is my understanding of the general vision of Thread and Matter, but is this also how Homey plans to implement it?

If there is at some point (experimental) support for Thread then I would order the linked device and are very open to share my experience here. Let’s wait for the (experimental) support of Thread in conjunction with Matter for Homey to move away from the guessing game. :slight_smile:


Hi Marco - Ref your previous Post - Sept 2023.

The TUO Smart Button “Matter Over Thread” is Mentioned in the Post below by - Geurt Dijker.

I am not sure if that means that it - Definitely Works on Thread

Or if it MAY work on Thread. ?

Thanks for highlighting the post! Very interesting. I wasn’t aware that Nanoleaf is also starting to offer Matter over Thread devices.

Anyhow, it seems that at the moment a lot of Thread endpoint devices like buttons are being released or getting Thread over Matter support. As I need to cover some space I am in the need of a bunch of Thread routers first like plugs (a learning from adding Zigbee devices). I am hoping that in the near future flush-mounted socket outlets that support Matter over Thread will be released. Until then I will more or less need to pause my Matter over Thread adventure. :frowning:

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ONVIS - now marketing the - Onvis S4
“Matter over Thread” Smart Plug - which also acts as border router - REPEATER

£17.00 – UK Plug – URL - AMAZON UK - B0CHRDZCGP

$17.26 – UK Plug – URL - ONVIS - Manufacturers Home Page

  • Onvis Loads for me as UK Price, but may change if you are in another Country

CSA - Connectivity Standards Association - See Below
CSA - Confirm that the ONVIS S4 Plug - is also a Border Router Which Extends Your Thread Network

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Thanks! I wasn’t aware of this product. :slight_smile:

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I have the Tuo Contact Sensor connected to Homey Pro and it connects and works fine. It does seem to have a little less range than the Aqara P2 Contact Sensor. I tried to use it on my mailbox and it would not work at that distance but the Aqara did. I now have the Tuo on an interior door and it works fine.