Homey pro 2023 offline

So I got this issue with the HP 23 where it just goes offline and i cant figure out why. Its the second time its done this since i got it in just a weeks time. First time I somehow got it back online, when i tried to connect it to a pc and play around with the usb tool. Turning off the power and back on does not do the trick. Anybody else have this issue and can colaborate why it does this.

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To have a bunch of cases which isnt linked is not a good idea, this is a thread of an offline issue with the HP 23 and im seeking help.

I think it is a good idea to gather issues to specific topics, better than creating new topics all the time. Then it becomes a big mess.
But that is only how I see it :wink: Cheers.

Its a great idea for reporting issues, you are right, but if you need help of a specific issue then it will be a nightmare to have a one topic for all problems :slightly_smiling_face: have a good one.

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Is it on WiFi or wired, If the former can you try wired?
Does it have an IP address and is it pingable?

Had something simular happen to me today. My HP2023 rebooted itself for no real reason. I had my scheduled reboot yeasterday. Im wondering if it could eather be the powersuply or possibly the change from wintertime to summer time in my case. But what talks against the last one is that it have happened 2 times during the week i just didnt catch it untill i added some event logging. Only noticed something was wrong sins my life360 notice sms came a couple of times during the week initialy i thought it was just the app acting upp but turned out it could be more to my story. Going to see how it behaves the comming days it it reboot more. Then im leaning powersupply or homey software causing it. Anyway i was wondering if it was rebooting the device for you and hense it goes offline?

Decided to check my insights and found this happening when it went offline for me :frowning: wonder what happened there that caused this.

Send a diagnostics report to Athom :slight_smile:

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Its on wifi, i did a full reset and restored it to a previous backup. If it does it again I will indeed do some indepth test. This is my first Homey product so i wasnt sure what to do. I didnt have any other product loose wifi connectivity and when its offline i wasnt able to see if it indeed had wifi connectivity, and it isnt close to the router.

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@Teddy im not sure what to look at here, but both times it went down around 2 am, thats all i can see.

I dont have it schehuled to do a reboot at a specific time, or any any kind of reboot at all. In my case it somehow loses connectivity and goes offline at around 2 am, and after that i cant connect to it even though its illuminating all colors like its all working, its odd. Ive changed the power supply to a 25 watt samsung i had lying around so lets see if it makes any improvement.

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2AM, in my case, that’s when backup is happening.

In my case also, ive changed the power brick and havent had any issues since.