Homey pro 2023 is apparently offline, but everything works in the background

After updating to v10.0.3, my new Homey Pro 23 has apparently gone offline, and you cannot access it, either on the mobile app, web app or on developer tools. However, everything, including all automations, works perfectly, and I can also control the devices that have been added to google home, via the google home app. I even receive
notification, both with and without pictures, but when I press the notifications the app opens and it tells me that homey is offline.

I can also see Homey on my home network where it both downloads and uploads continuously. It is connected by cable, with homeys own network adapter.

The problems started the morniung on 23rd august and when i check my backups, homey has been updated from v10.0.2 to v10.0.3 between backup dated 22nd august and 23rd august.

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I’m a Homey bridge user and I have the same problem with the bridge.

Turn off the ****** auto updates I would say @Magnus_Stave
Homey then will inform you with Timeline msgs about new available updates, and you can decide for yourself if and when you install them.

And I think you should contact support: Support | Homey
Not much we can do, your network seems fine from what you describe.

In my case it was the same problem. Just restart your HP2023 and after a few minutes it will be able again.

To be honest, I thought automatic updates were turned off, but they have probably been turned back on after the migration to the HP23.
I have contacted Homey support, but they currently have a 1-2 week response time.
I’m away for work, so unfortunately what I can do is limited. My gf is at home, but I don’t want to make her reset if this could make it worse. (since it currently works just fine in the background)
The main reason for this post is to see if there are more people experiencing the same problem and if they have possibly had contact with homey, and have a time perspective on a possible permanent solution.

Same here, I installed the HP23 and first thing it did was update it to v10.0.3
All worked for 2 days, reinstalled everything and since yesterday it’s constantly on and off. All of my flows and devices are working but the app is on and off line constantly.

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I’m having the same problems with my new homey.
I just did not test if apliences work at home.
Going to test it tomorrow.

I have the feeling that my HP23 is having problems connecting to the app outside of WiFi. I had another freeze last night, after logging in to my WiFi outside (4G) a few times.

more people experiencing the same?

Same problem here.
I already have my second homery pro 2023.
Both have same problem. They are randomly going offline.
Homay functions internally, becuase a klik-aan-klik-uit remote turns my ikea bulbs on and off.
But i can not acces my homey from app nor from web.

Created 2 flows. 1 that creates a timeline message. Every hour.
And 1 that sends me an whats app message. Every hour.
The timline messages are all there. Every hour.
But the whats app messages stop after a couple of hours.

I have no clue in where to look for problems.
I already have an LAN adapter with my second homey.
And i never had any problems with the ealry 2019 version.

Contacte athom already.
They merged 2 messages together. And thats it. no respose after that.
Messages are form 16 and 10 days ago.

Does someone @ the forum have a sollution/idea ?

I had the same issue. I have a wifi mesh system and it got solved by setting homey to a fixed access point. That seemed to have solved it for the last 3 days now.
I also had the issue that the Google home app lost connection very frequently and the connection with Tahoma needed to be established again, which also seem to be solved.
I expect these issues might be solved by setting all devices connected to homey and homey itself to stay connected to a fixed access point an maybe even fixed ip (which I already had)

Hi Jos,

I will disconnect my second wifi acces point.
Maybe that will help.
After that i will give my homey a fixed IP adres.

But i see/know that my homey has the same IP adres for quit some time now.
Wifi and LAN IP adres are stable for some days.
Unfortopnally i know the numbers, because of checking so often…

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Reading all the forum posts about people having offline issues with the new Athom Homey Pro 2023 makes it obvious there is an hardware issue with the unit which cannot easily be fixed with software.

This means we are all paying to be beta-pilots for Athom. Unaccaeptable!

Based on this I am returning my unit and reverting back to my Homey Pro 2019 which still works, although a little slow.

Having similar issues. Most of the time the offline period is limited to a couple of minutes and then it appears again. Sometimes I have to reconnect the device in my Unifi router.

Same issue. App says Homey is offline. But I seeHomey from my router. Also flows still running. Homey even sending push messages via Homey app.

Sounds more like a network issue on Homey server? App showed Homey back online after couple of hours.

Real problem is meanwhile you can‘t control/trigger anything. There should be some local access as alternative

It’s a discovery issue, the app cannot discover your Homey for some reason. Please submit a support request, hopefully Athom will finally look at fixing this long-standing issue: Support | Homey

The issue is known by athom and being investigated. Their response on my support ticket.

People that use the LAN adapter also have the same issue. Also, for a lot of people that have this issue, things that require network access (like sending notifications, access from Google Home, etc) still work, which rules out that Homey doesn’t have a connection.

The WiFi-issues are real with the new hardware, but it’s very likely not the cause of the “Homey is offline” problem for most people. It’s a bug somewhere in Athom’s systems.


I wasn’t aware of that. There might be a general issue with discovery (which I also encounter) and an issue with wifi? Or the issue is not related to wifi specifically, but more encountered on wifi

I just updated my post :smiley:

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