Homey Pro (Early 2023) goes offline

My Homey Pro (Early 2023) with latest firmware (as of Sept 2023) connected using WiFi goes offline within 1-2 days. It requires a power cycle to bring it online, no other WiFi connected devices in the network goes offline like Homey Pro. Appears to be some kind of bugs.

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I’m sorry but this is an issue for many users, and many posts and topics already exist :hugs:
No need to start another topic, please use the search function before starting a topic, thanks:

Also pls read Problems with Homey?

I see there are more topics but he might be on to something, I have the exact same issue and already contacted support. They replied to try a different power adapter but that did not help at all. Will post it to the other topic as well.

UPDATE: Wont post in the other topics because they are not very recent.