Homey Pro 2023 - On and Off issue


My homey 2023 keeps going off and on for days now. Does anyone have a sulution ?
They homey is connected to power but seems to go offline. Its connected by WiFi.

I know there is a ton of topics but i cant find a permanent fix for this!

Off_line_ and On_line_, or really off and on? Those are two very different things.

It says not connected. Dont know what you mean by " off_line_ and off line "

@Exotic1989 By off_line and on_line is meant whether or not you are connected to Homey via wifi.

By on and off means that Homey is on or off.

You use both interchangeably.

When the app says “Homey is offline”, most of the time it only means the app can’t reach Homey.
When you install an app like Net Scan, it can check f.e. the connection to your router.
You’ll see Homey is still online in most cases when the app says it’s not.

To see if it’s only the app <> Homey problem, you could try this:
Turn off the phone’s wifi, let it connect to mobile 4G and try to open the Homey app again, probably it connects right away.

By the way, this long lasting bug should be fixed with the firmware v10.3.3 update