Issues with old Homey (2016 version)


I’ve got an old Homey (2016 version) for years now and I pre-ordered a new Homey Pro (can’t wait!).

Since a couple months it feels my Homey doesn’t work properly anymore.


  • When I log in, is says something went wrong once and a while (I can manage)
  • Apps connected with a cloud service( In my case Loqed, Eufy Security and Honeywell Evohome) all don’t work properly anymore since last updates (some changed to sdk3). Mainly because of 3000 ms Time out.
  • Webhook didn’t arrive because homey was offline

What did I do about it
I noticed that my memory and storage was
really low, so I removed a lot of “nice to have” flows and Apps and just focus on my core flows and app, so I hoped that helped.

Changes compared to before

  • I bought advanced flows
  • I rebuilt all flows to advanced flows (they’re great and all work as designed!)
  • Talked with the developers of the apps, but I don’t think the isue is app related


  • Does anyone have the same issues?
  • Are advanced flows much more processor intensive?
  • Are new App versions much bigger, processor intensive and memory intensive?
  • Any tips on how to solve it?

I’m afraid I have to cope with it and wait for my new homey pro.
But if I overlooked a solution, please let me know.

If you’re still using the original powersupply of Homey, replace it with something better. A USB power supply with at least 2.4A should be okay.

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Since that period, is anything changed with your wifi system?
Or has a neighbour’s setup changed, and now their wifi is on or near your 2.4GHz channel?

I’ve read that Honeywell has issues since a recent app update.

With editing A flows, I experience sluggishness during editing, when I have used over xx flowcards.
That’s a sign to me, to use another canvas for the flows I’d like to build.
No clue if those “big” flows affects the performance of Homey.
Darn I miss the system log viewer :relieved:

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Thanks, but don’t dare to switch off.Last time it had a hard time getting back up online again.
Next Homy will get a powerbank between the powersupply.

So are you still using the original power supply or not?

Yes, unfortunately. Will try switching this weekend, so fingers crossed the oldie will boot again.

I don’t want to go without a smarthome for a month…

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Homey Early 2016 model here as well and issues with Loqed. Happened before buying advanced flow. Still on FW 7.3. I’ve read Loqed now needs a pincode for unlocking. They have support for google home directly now, outside of homey environment and that is not working either. Could be a loqed issue. I wonder about this too as it’s failing for weeks now after having worked very well before. Did not try to remove the device in homey and re-add since though.

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The API works once and with a huge delay after a restart of the app. The pincode seems only for google Home. The app is Loqed offical. I recommend writing to them, so they know there are more issues.
Loqed doesn’t have geofence, that’s the only reason I need homey for Loqed.

I’ll test everything again this weekend. After 24 hours I should know if the issue persists.
I hope not, because that could be bad news for all the 2016 Homey users.

On FW7.3 deleting a loqed lock and re-adding it made it work again. Temporarily. After re-adding one to flows and trying to open/close the lock using a homey button nothing happened anymore.

Updated to FW8.10. Behaviour changed. Going to the lock/unlock setting by keeping the lock icon pressed in devices, then pushing either button triggers the flow assoiated with it. Pressing it a second time closes or opens the lock itsself. If I want to change the lock state again while in the same sceeen that will not work. Have to go back to homey home screen, then press the lock icon again and then press open or close twice to start the flow, then respectively change real lock status. Slightly odd.

Didn’t use to be this way.


I also switched to loqed app v2.1.3 experimental to test while it didn’t work on FW7.30 Going back to 2.1.2 now on FW8.10 seems to work well for the moment. Strange…

I switched to a new one. Unfortunately no solution. I’ll just have to wait it out, I’m afraid.