Homey Pro Performance issues

having some issues with my homey pro.
It started some weeks ago and the following is happening:
Flows do not do what they should do or they work only partly.
i.e. using a flow with 5 tasks only two of 5 work.
Does anybody have simular experience or a hint what this could be?

thanks in advance


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Thanks for your hint. I uploaded an image now to see what should happen

you could consider adding a log card or timeline notification card after each action card; So you can determine whether the flow runs correct and the devices don’t respond, or the flow actions aren’t started.
turn büro bürolampe off
And then…
timeline notification “Flowname” - “turn büro bürolampe off”
And then…
turn büro LED off after 1sec
And then…
timeline notification “Flowname” - “turn buro LED off with 1s delay” after 1sec
And then…
turn büro Laptopkabel off after 2sec
And then…
timeline notification “Flowname” - “turn buro Laptopkabel off with 2s delay” after 2sec