Timeline in app only 1 day

Hi, in the past the timeline in the homey app went back days. Since I installed the new homey pro and the new app version the timeline only shows messages for about one day. Is this a new limitation or a setting? I use it a lot to reduce the number of push notifications for certain events.

Which version? Android or iOS?

I started using the HP23 at the beginning of April and I use iOS devices. So I’ve been using different Homey smartphone app versions, currently v7.3.0 (1236), and never had a problem with the timeline:

And no, there is no setting for the storage time of the timeline entries afaik.

Could still be limited to the amount of messages. See you don’t use your timeline actively, it only show info about the updates.

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Consider (better) timeline alternatives, it even doesn’t have sort or search functions.
There’s also flowcard “when a notification is sent” which holds the text in a tag, which you can send to the apps below for instance

  • Simple Sys Log, logs to Homey storage or a local NAS for instance.

  • CallMeBot (Signal / Telegram, but your data ends in “the cloud”)

  • Telegram

  • Pushover

  • Pushsaver
    you get the idea

I also guess that there is a limit to the maximum number of notifications, but you didn’t ask about that. You said that the notes are deleted after one day, and that is definitely not the case. That’s why I posted a screenshot of the timeline where you can see that notifications are not deleted after one day.
Therefore, you’d better ask if there is a limit acc. the amount of notifications in the timeline.

Btw, you imply that I only use the timeline for the firmware updates. That is not true. As you can clearly see on the screenshot, it’s only a section of the timeline. I also use the timeline for categories like users, security, flows, presence, energy, backups, and various apps. However, I delete most of these notifications after 2-3 days at the latest.

There is limit to the number of entries. I’m not sure what it is but it’s less than 250.

I’ve tested it again and the amount of messages seems limited on my timeline to 50. Tested it by creating a new message on timeline and by doing so the total is still 50, when I add a new one again stuck on 50.

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Thanks, I’ll give better sys log a try

Just new…

Thanks! Now waiting for the stable release and started with the simple log app today.

I am using the Home app version
At my timeline it only shows 90 notifications.
If i remove one it add an other one to show. So it will stay at 90.
It is not showing the 250 notifications at once.

Deletting a notification can only done one at a time. It is not possible to select more and then press the delete button a couple of times on the selected ones.
Or you have to remove them at the menu.

Apparently they forgot to synchronise that change to the app.

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A little Off-Topic, but sometimes helpful:

To delete the timeline completely with one click I saved this flow as a favorite and placed at the first position so it is shown above the timeline in the homescreen:

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@Joka This can be helpful.
But most of the time I remove everything at the timeline with the menu options.
I write the solarpanel and energy usage every day in a excel sheet.
And when it takes a couple of days before I have timeI have to remove some timeline thinges so I can see all the info. When it shows only 90 lines.

Thanks Joka, much appreciated

Here’s a more ‘sophisticated’ script when interested: