[APP][Pro] Timeline-Manager² (HCS edition)

Timeline Manager² - Cleanup your timeline using flows

Homey Community Space

Unfortunately Athom refused new Timeline Manager³ in their appstore, so I rereleased Timeline Manager² to the Homey Community Space with some improvements.

This version will work on any Homey Pro version, all you need to do after installation is head over to the app settings and loggin once with your homey credentials to get a Bearer Token:

If your credentials can be validated you can start using this app. If it can’t be validated please note the errorcode as it can determine what went wrong.

What this app can do for you:
Besides cleaning your timeline notifications by age, category or contents you can also use this app to create a notification that will delete itself after a set period of time. This can come in handy when testing stuff :slight_smile:

Let me know if there is anything that you would like to be added to this app, I’ll try and add it.

Note: Other than in earlier versions notifications they should delete themselves will now be rescheduled for deletion after Homey (or the app) is restarted.

Note 2: If you need to troubleshoot the app click on the pinning Homey logo to see the logfile.


Oh Well, it was fun while it lasted (again) …

Emile just informed me that the aproval is withdrawn again. Apperantly this app makes the official app store feel less secure…

I see no point in releasing this app to the HCS, since the previous version has the same features, and is working on the HP2023 just fine.

HCS Version still available, see opening post

Too bad, it seems this version has some nice extra’s… :frowning: how would this app make the official Appstore feel less secure then?

To be fair, the API keys were never ment to be used in apps, they were implemented for use with webbased solutions only so I can’t argue with that.

They don’t want API keys being used in apps, or at least not in apps that can be installed through the official app store. HCS is no problem.

I can accept that, although the official appstore has some benefit imho over the HCS. As I understand a new team is active with improving the HCS, so maybe easy publishing and statistics will work again soon.

Can’t you delete notifications with a HomeyLocalAPI?

A new version (1.6.6) has been uploaded to the Homey Community Space, addressing the issue with categories not displaying properly. Now, all categories should be visible. If you encounter any further issues, please send me a private message with the log.

Additionally, since a recent update (I’m not sure which one specifically), clearing the Timeline in the usual way alsono longer displays all categories. As a workaround, you’ll need to manually delete them one by one since bulk deletion isn’t possible due to the missing category. This behavior to occurs when a category name contains spaces.

With version 1.6.6, you can once again clear these categories using a flow.


Thanks for update !
HCS get 500 Internal Server Error now… any chance to try with Official store or do you think Athom would not allow that?

I’ve tried multiple times, they won’t allow me to publish it…

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Even recently ? I understood they changed the rules a little… anyway, thanks for trying. :+1: