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[REQUEST] manage timeline with flowcard

Would be great if we could clean up the timeline by flow, eg once a day or so. So Athom : make a flowcard for deleting (parts of) timeline notifations.



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+1. Maybe add parameter to delete messages x days old?


Good idea!


I’d subscribe to this, +1



+1, but couldn’t wait, so I cooked up something myself.

It’s awaiting approval by Athom, so sit thight :slight_smile:


I was also checking this.
Did you use the webapi?

Yeah, there was no other way due to the restrictions.

I Hope a proper solution comes from Athom some day, but for now this does what I want.

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Yeah looks good.
I tried via HomeyScript. But due to restrictions it was not possible.

So I thought via a app would also be restricted.

Hope Athom approves!

They also approved this app which is webapi based

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Otherwise there is the Community Store! https://store.homey.community/

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Thats great!

Is it all ready on github?

Is there any news to report about the timeline manager app.

App is still being reviewed. Had to explain why/how/what/who… Hope the approve it soon.


Well, it was fun while it lasted… It got approved at 18:19, and was withdrawn again at 20:22. I using the public API Credentials and that is not allowed.

I’ve requested an own Web API key, let hope they will provide it. The same page (Welcome to the Web API documentation :wave: - Homey Web API) also states

Does your company have a great idea for an app? Contact us to request a Web API key.

I may not be a company, but I do think it’s a great idea :slight_smile:

Edit: Get it while you can, don’t know how long the page will be alive: Timeline Manager App voor Homey | Homey


Thanks Richard! Uwe pointed me to your neat app.
I got it installed in time :crazy_face:

Nevermind the logon thing😆


Thnx! Got the bearer token to! Only cant pick a category in the flowcard.