Is it possible to remove the timeline log from the front page? (Android)

I just fired up my Athom Homey Pro for the first time today, and it didn’t take long until I got annoyed over the timeline on the front page of the Android app.
Can it be removed?
I would rather have 2 or 3 rows with favorites or flows than the humongous gigantic timeline that I cannot see a continuous daily use for.


Do you mean that you have a lot of notifications on the timeline?
Is it not enough to turn off the notifications at the timeline?

If this is not what you mean than i have not understand the question.

You need to do some more exploring the whole Homey concept. Start adding flows and add “Write to timeline” items to them. Then you will start to “appreciate” the emphasis that’s put on the timeline. Don’t worry, this will come soon enough. :grinning:

No you can not. You can limit the lines over there by disabling items that put information there.
On the other hand, you will need those confirmations if things won’t work anymore. And they will.

Send a feature request to Athom regarding favourites. I feel the same about this. At least Homey app should have more customise options.

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The shown items can be deleted by shifting the item a litle to the left, tap the X and the item is gone.

Thanks for answering.
Just seems like a very poor design to me to use half the mobile screen for logs.
Sure, logs and notifications are nice to have upfront while still configuring stuff, but after that, why on earth would I like that on the front page? Better to have the space for more icons.

Not only this, but no native support for hue groups (even when connected directly to the hue hub), no out of the box support for my Samsung Smartthings water leak sensor, no support for my Develco smart relays, no support for tabs, a app that is in no way intuitive to use, makes my Homey very hard to like.

A failed purchase it seems, and I will try to return it. $400 saved I guess.

Case closed.