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The timeline in Homey (gen 2) android app

Does anyone know if it is possible to delete timeline history on first page (home) in the app. Something went wrong with a sensor an now I have hundreds of lines saying "sensor is inactive. Will it perhps disappear after some time?

Swipe the message to the left or right and a delete cross will appear.
Edit: tested it, its to the left.

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If you got an lot of messages you can go to the three dots (more) -> Settings -> Notifications
There you can see how many notifications an app generated.
Click on the app and click on ‘delete’.

This will delete all the notifications send by the app on your timeline.

You can also set if you’d like an push notification to your phone when an notification of this app is created or disable all notifications entirly for this app.

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Thank you guys. Got rid of the whole lot by deleting within notifications and learned how to delete messages by swiping.

Hi does any one know how make it so I see all ny flow that are triggerd in the timeline?

Not as global setting. But you can put a action into the then area of your flow (notification, the yellow bubble). There you can define a text that appears in notification area when the flow is processed (and the then area is reached depending ind the logic of your flow). So you can add notifications to the the flow reporting the result of your logic in the notification (if you have a then and a else part).

But still it would be of great interest to be able to clear the timeline throgh a flow.

In Homey standard there is no clear-action available in a flow.

Is there maybe an app for this?

No, apps that can modify the timeline aren’t allowed by Athom.