How to mass remove messages in timeline

Hi, I realised that the latest version of the Yale lock app had begun to mass spam my timeline as shown in the attachment.

How do I go about:

  1. Mass deleting those messages?
  2. Prevent the app from creating messages?


I did not know that thanks, would be really useful to be able to clear all Notifications from the Home screen though!

Thanks. I see there is a way to block notifications from “security” category completely. But is there a way to block just an app?

Did you ever find a way to block an app from sending notifications?
My timeline gets spammed by my house battery and especially my robot lawnmower having low battery several times a day.

Hit the cogwheel next to the timeline (mobile app)
Hit a category and turn notifications on or off.
And / or, you can delete all notifications per category in one go.

Thank you. I have now blocked notifications from “Energy”.
But it would be nice to be able to block individual apps, or even individual notifications from apps.

As you can see, I’ve 5 listed apps I can mute, so it’s possible to control individual apps here.
So I guess you’d ask the developer for adding the app as timeline category, instead of just sending notifications using the common ‘apps’ category.

I think that’s not possible. For this you should check with the app developer, maybe he/she can limit some (kind of) notifications.

This is standard Homey alert. Batteries getting less than 20% will generate a notification, AFAIK app developers have no control over this.
However, you can mute notifications of the Energy category for ALL battery levels, but then you’ll have to create flows or use a script to alert for other low battery levels from which you’d like to see alerts.

Of course for Home batteries, lawn mowers, robovacs → i.o.w. all rechargeable machines, it should be possible to mute the buiod-in lowbat notifications by the user, or to set the threshold, like 0%