Clear the timeline of theHomey app

Is there a way to clear the timeline of the Homey app once a day or once a week(timer)?

There is an app in the Homey Community Store (HCS) available, called < Timeline Manager² >.
But the problem is that the HCS is actually down, but they are working on it. For more information please follow this thread:

For more information about the TM, please follow this thread:

You could try this link. Homeyscript deleting timeline.

I didn’t check if it works correct after i bought the new Homey pro, but the script and flows from my homey early 2019 were converted to the new Homey. I have to check the script when i am home again from vacation. But as far i know the script has one flaw(only on the new homey pro), it will not give a notification on your timeline when the timeline notifications are deleted.

But untill today i do not have a lot of notifications on my timeline and now and then the timeline is cleared, so i suppose it still works.