Is there an app to use phone notifications in flows?

Hi all,

I am wondering if there is an app that can catch and interpret phone notifications, so I can use them in a flow.
Example: I own a security cam that does not talk to Homey, but obviously it does send notifications through its own app to my phone. So my idea would be:

  • The camera sees a person
  • The camera (app) sends a notification to my phone. (i.e. “Camera 2: Movement in garden”)
  • Homey (app) picks up and interprets phone notifications and a flow turns on the garden lights when it finds the string “Camera 2: Movement in garden”.

I cannot find such an app, but to me it seems this would really be powerful, as we can use basically anything that sends phone-notifications in flows. (i.e. someone sending a text message).

I use IFTTT to collect all phone notifications in a Google Drive Gsheet, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do the same with Homey.

I do something similar. I am diabetic and Homey is supposed to warn me when my blood sugar is high or low.
I use the Android app Automagic Premium. This app can read messages from apps and send a webhook to Homey via keywords. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send a payload.
Homey then knows whether my sugar is high or low, but not the value.

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Not (possible) on iOS (iPhone).

On Android this is possible. Look here: [How To] Setup two-way communication between Homey and Android smartphone

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