Notification flow with other apps?

Is there anyway to trigger flows if the notification was received by other app?

For example - I have a few smart appliances that work with their own app such as washer, dishwasher and intercom, I want to be able to trigger a flow if I receive a notification like flash a light or announce something. So far I was able to achieve this by IFTTT, but it’s no longer free and I’m limited to 3 applets. Any suggestions, maybe there is an app for that? :slight_smile:

if there is no app for it 99 % it wont work on homey.

Maybe , but you dont mention… if you get a notification on your phone from those apps you try something with tasker (android) . Dont know just a wild guess

The only way I know if your device isn’t supported by homey is webhooks. But your device must have this possibility. The other possibility is getting your device into homey. For this reason i use the Harmony hub (or broadlink which is cheaper) which supports some devices Homey doesn’t. That way the device is supported by Homey

I can’t really use harmony or broadlink to control those devices. Right now I have my washer and dishwasher app (Miele home) and IFTTT, when I get a notification on my phone that one of them has finished washing, then I have homey announce it. But as I said, the only problem is that I can only make 3 free applets with IFTTT :man_shrugging:

Found a manual on homeseer with webhooks. Maybe this is a way to get it done with webhooks.

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