Make one Homey trigger flow in another Homey (in the same wifi network)

Hi everyone!
I have two Homey units, one in my house and another one in my garage. I wonder if an event in one place can trigger a flow in the other? For example, if I have a light sensor in the house, can I make that one trigger a flow to turn on lights outside the garage? They are both in the same wifi network, using Homeplug over the power cables.

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Hi @Peter_R13,
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Sure thing you can realize that. In many ways too.
Spontanously two methods come to my mind: webhooks and MQTT
You can search for apps using those two terms and will find a lot of info on the forum as well.

Thanks for reply!
I have read about MQTT and I think it’s a treasure of opportunities. However a bit over my level of programming skills… So my hope is aimed towards webhooks. I’ll try to read about it!


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Maybe with IFTTT?

IFTTT is basically dead since the paid model introduction.
Also it is not very reliable, has lots of delays and at times commands do not get through at all.
I would not recommend to rely on it if you have time critical tasks.

I feel the same. Pity, IFTTT could be such a useful bridge between different echosystems.

I have now finally mqtt broker client hub on my homeys, but I don’t understand how to make flows that trigger the other homey?
I can see in the log that it’s working sending packages to the other homey.

If I have one device in the client homey og several devices in the broker homey and I want to include the device from client Ina flow from the broker, is that possible?