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Hi, new to homey since yesterday. Been running on Zipabox for some years now and actually have been quite happy with that. But needed something new to play with so I decided on a Homey.

I’ve noticed that the push notifications seems a bit unstable, is that common knowledge ?
I have a couple of flows that should take care of turning off the coffee machine.

Am i doing the flows wrong ? The push message is coming through sometimes, but mostly not…

Appreciate any help. Thanks

Can you maybe specify which OS you’re using?
I have no issues on iOS 11, but you seem to be using a Galaxy S8 so it might be an Androis specific problem?

Well it might be an android problem, but I’ve tried several phones (all Android though) and it seems to be an reoccurring problem. But I’m just on my first day with the Homey so I’ll try a bit more. Having other issues as well that need addressing :rofl: thanks for your response.

Running ios11 without issues.

Did you check the flow did actaullly start?
(Was the plug switched off.)

(To check if a flow actually work you can install the papertrails app. It lets you add cards that are added to a logging)

We’ll have to wait for some Android users to chime in then :wink:
Were all the other phones you’ve tried on the same Android version?

I used the Push notifications a lot and never have seen that I missed notifications.
Do you use the old V1 or new V2 beta Android App?
Personally I still use the old Android App but have on some devices the newer V2 beta App installed.

Hi guys,

Flows are starting, but thanks for the heads up on the paper trail app I’ll try that one. I have both apps installed to have a bit more flexibility on the phones as the newer one has a bit more functionality.
Looks like a great community for the Homey, thanks!

Using Android (Oreo, 8.1) and iOS (11) with the old and the new (Beta) App. No Problems with Notifications.

On some Flows using Push and Mail togheter. Both Messages shown on the Phones.

Same issue here on the push. Using the latest ios and I found it to be a network issue with my phone and mobile carrier. If I’m on a stable mobile network, no problem.

After a bit more testing it seems like it skips one of the cards if I use 2 push cards in the THEN section. It’s not always the same card that gets skipped so it might be network or flow… In my case it’s good wifi and cell coverage at my house so it should not be a network problem but you’ll never know.

If your iphone is in “do not disturb” mode it will not allow push messages. So these will not be shown.

Thanks for that Fkey, I’m using androids but I’ll tell my wife :rofl: worked out some of the quirks on the Homey now so it’s starting to look good. Still have half of my devices to migrate though.

Is anybody still having issues with push notifications?
I have been running several flow with push for the last week (new user here) and it seems push notifications, for android anyway, only work if the Homey app has been recently opened. If you clear your background apps it does not send notifiations.
Does this mean it is not using Google Play services for android notifications?


I found the push notifications too unreliable and difficult to manage. As stated I’m using Telegram for push now and haven’t tried otherwise, telegram bot is rock solid and my devices does not need the Homey app installed.

I posted a question about this yesterday, but my question was closed with a somewhat answer that this problem is known and that it has to do with Google Services… A link to the Homey App support page was given as reference. That page said that the only thing to do when having this problem (not receiving notifications) is to re-add your phone (in the flow). Of course I tried this, but without luck.

Please, does anyone know how to resolve this! It is rather important for me.

(I have a Android phone with the version 1 Homey App)

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Yes, I still have issues with my phone. I have both version 1 and 2 installed on it, and push notifications to 2 devices using both ver 1 and 2. Android phone and android tablet.
Only the tablet gets notifications on app version 1.

It’s clearly an issue with Android. I tried today : made a flow with two notifications: one to Android, one to Iphone. And the Iphone immediately received a notification; I hope this gets fixed soon !

You nee to chance the Energy-Saver- and Background-Task-Settings for HomeyApp(s) on your Android-Device. Since min. Android 7.x there are two Setting. Than it works.

Huewei phones are indeed a pain in the ass and even after changin them it seems like it still is snoozed (or dozed). My s9+ however (and s8+ before) both worked fine out of the box.

No, i get notifications from every other app. It is clearly a Homey issue. Very frustrating.