Homey does not send any messages anymore

Since a few days Homey stopped sending push messages.

The flow runs normal but the message which is send to a phone is not delivered, it does not matter to which phone, all connected phones do not receive any push messages anymore.

When i test the flow the flow card keeps loading on sending the message.
It is just a simple test flow, when flow started send push message.

Is this a known problem and is there a solution?

Notifications are not sent anymore? Maybe the same problem?
Notifications was disabled? Enabled and works again.

where can is dis or enable this?

I do not mean notification but the flow card send Push message.
When i run the flow it stops with a orange lighting (bliksem) symbol in the flow card

Settings - Notifications - Flow

Try running it from a browser (https://flow.homey.app/), there you can hover over the lightning symbol to see what’s going wrong.

there is no settings (instellingen) flows notification menu

There is settings notification but here is no option to turn on or off push message for flow cards

I did run from web browser but on hove over there is no message etc, not in firefox.


Rebooted Homey and now the push messages are working again…

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