Notification card not functioning anymore

In some of my lighting flows I have added a notification card.

This notification will be visible in the app and comes in as a push message on my iPhone. The same sort of message when I come home or leave home.
A strange thing is going on now the last couple of weeks. No messages send to the app anymore when the flow starts. The scene activation of my lamps works fine but then the flow stops.
If I start the flow manually, lamps will go and the notification comes in. In that case everything works fine. When the flow has to start after a trigger, the notification part is skipped.

An other lighting flow starts at the same moment (Sunset) and works fine. I see the notifications coming in.

I have rebooted Homey several times and this morning I noticed new firmware was installed but without any success to get the notification back on.
Does anybody had the same issue and know how to solve it?

After some investigation, I have found the issue causing no notifications coming in for some flows.

In the flows which not pushed the notifications, the delay option was on and time was set to 0 seconds.
Delay On

When I switched the delay off, saved the flow, I was surprised that the change was not saved and the delay was still on.

Eventually I had to delete all my flows were the delay was on. After creating the new flows and saved them the delay is of.
Delay off

All flows are working fine and send as aspected the notification to the app on my iPhone.

The question I have is: How is it possible that the delay option was on for all my Lighting flows and why was it not possible to safe the setting if I switched this off. Has this to do with a bug in the firmware of Homey?

you could have set the delay to 1 second, save and then switch off the delay and save again. Seems Homey sees no difference if delay = 0 and switch to off.

Ok, thanks for the tip. I didn’t check this option. I could not understand why it was not possible to switch it off and safe the flow. When this happen again I change the setting first to 1 second and try to safe it. No idea what causes the issue.

This certainly sounds like a bug.