Delayed Push Notifications Fail


I have a flow set to trigger when I push a button that flow fires a push notification and then is set to send another push notification with a 90min delay.

The 1st non delayed push notification is working without an issue however the delayed notification never is triggered. This seems like a basic Flow process, but I am not sure if there is a timeout that is preventing that.

Pls share your complete flow(s).

It looks like I was able to resolve this by moving to an Advanced Flow and setting the delay between the cards. Not sure if something is broken in the basic Flows for the delay.

Here is an example of one of the flows that was not working I immediately get the non-delayed notification but never get the delayed notification:

Here’s the Advanced Flow that is working I immediately get the non-delayed notification and then after 90 min I get the next notification:

Well the standard flow should work, no doubt. You should file a bug at Support | Homey.
You can determine if it’s the Push card, or the timer, by adding a timeline or other messaging card to the standard flow, with the same 90 minutes delay.-

Thanks! I will try and test the timeline card as well with a delay and see if it still does not post. For not moving to an advanced flow has fixed my issue but when I have time I will test the timeline with a delay as well.

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