Slow and unreliable reactions in flows


I’m experiencing slow and unreliable reactions on triggers in flows, even the simple ones. For instance, I want to receive a push notification when a Daikin airco is switched on. If I get a notification at all, it can be several minutes later. The same holds for the reaction on enabling/disabling the WoonVeilig alarm.

How can this be? Is there a way to improve this? The way it is now is not really usable.

I’m using a Homey Pro 2019.

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First of all, use log cards (SimpleLog) or timeline notifications (but it can get rate limited, not very reliable).
This way you can log the trigger time, log the action start time, see if a condition is met / not met and how much time it took.
I have to experience ‘slow processing flows’ yet. Most often the trigger is delayed for some reason, or the device which is commanded has a delayed response.
Think of low batteries or radio interference (Wifi, zigbee and Ble all operate within the same frequency band)